10 Top Jewelry Influencers & Why Content Creators Are the Gold Standard for Accessory Brands

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and content creators can be a marketer’s. 

When a creator partnership leads to authentic content, it builds brand awareness and trust. After all, jewelry can be a big investment, so customers want to be sure about what they’re purchasing.

And while the photos on your website are great at showcasing your products, sometimes it’s a lot more effective to see your favorite creator style a piece in their #OOTD. 

Whether you’re new to influencer marketing or a seasoned pro, we’re sharing our fave tips for boosting your ROI with the help of jewelry influencers. 

Top jewelry trends to look out for 

DIY jewelry 

@thebeadbazaar DIY ✨💖 #jewelrymaking #handmadejewelry #diywithus #evileyechain #diyprojects #necklaces #necklaceslovers #diy #diyaddiction #diylove #jewelrytutorial #makewithus ♬ Whos that chick – ˚♪˳

The pandemic led to an increase in crafting as people looked for new ways to fill their days indoors. And while it’s no sourdough, jewelry making did become quite popular. 

Now, people want to share their new skills with the world, so creators share videos of their creative process and images of their handmade jewelry with their followers. Tutorials are also popular for beginners looking to get into crafting. 

Sustainable jewelry 

@loveofearthco Reply to @0n_x_v_n0 Here they are!💍🌎💚🌟 #upcycledjewelry #antiquejewelry #antiuegold #zerowaste #secondhand #upcycled #thrifted #ecofriendly #sustainability ♬ original sound – Love of Earth Co.

Eco-consciousness has seen a rise in all industries as more and more people look for ways to reduce waste and be gentler with the planet. Customers want to know who they’re buying from, so jewelry companies that use ethical practices and sustainable materials can (and should!) promote these to their followers. 

Delicate gold jewelry 

@callherkarenbby Delicate gold jewelry always makes me feel extra feminine @Catbird #catbirdnyc #catbird #goldjewelry #goldjewlerycheck #goldnecklace ♬ Why Are There Boundaries – FKJ

For the minimalist who still loves a good accessory, delicate gold jewelry provides just the right amount of sophistication to an outfit. Brands offering dainty accessories can hop on this trend by sending their products to creators, who can style them or even show off the pieces’ quality on camera. 

Jewelry brands succeeding with influencer marketing

Tres Colori 

@rendagrella These @trescolori pieces make me feel like Carrie Bradshaw✨💕 Use code RENDAGRELLA50 for 50% off🥰 #trescolorijewelry #ad ♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

Tres Colori partners with creators to develop UGC promoting their customizable jewelry, which they repurpose across their entire marketing funnel. And while they always have a sale going on, they give their creators a higher discount code to further sweeten the deal for potential customers. 

Tyler Berglund and Ashley Solomon from Tres Colori joined the GRIN Gets Real podcast to share their secrets to success. Give it a listen


@briidgetbrown #ad Karen was the outfit inspo 👖🎨 overalls and my new favourite resin hoops from @mejuri #mejuripartner #ad ♬ original sound – Bridget

Content creators across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube share videos unboxing their new Mejuri pieces, showing how to style them, and more. Mejuri also partners with creators to showcase their brick-and-mortar stores and piercing services. 

Enso Rings 

@quingable #ad Solo Van Life & why I pretend to be MARRIED w/ these adventure proof wedding bands from @Enso Rings. 20% off w/ code: QUIN20 #ad #ensorings #solovanlife #safetytips #solotravel ♬ original sound – Quin Gable • Vanlife w/ 2 Cats

Enso Rings partners with content creators to show the benefits of using their silicone rings, whether their durability for adventures, comfort, or just how cute they look on your fingers. 

Enso Rings empowers its creators with discount codes to help track sales and give viewers the extra incentive to find their new favorite accessory. 

How jewelry brands can (and should!) partner with influencers 

1. Determine your target audience. 

First, do a demographic deep-dive into your target audience. Is your jewelry for men or women, or is it unisex? Is it a pricier product? If so, you might want to focus on an older demographic with more disposable income. 

Once you have the age, gender, location, and other demographic information locked in, it’s time to use it to find the right creators. 

2. Look for content creators. 

Check out all of the major social media channels and find creators who match your brand’s aesthetic and whose audience largely reflects your target demographic. You can do this by manually sorting through their followers, but this can take a ton of time. If you have the budget, consider using a creator management platform to identify audience information quickly and easily. 

10 Top Jewelry Influencers & Why Content Creators Are the Gold Standard for Accessory Brands 1

Pro Tip: Many content creators who post about jewelry make it themselves, so they probably won’t want to promote another brand. Look for creators who instead like to wear a lot of jewelry, post #OOTDs, or have a general interest in fashion.

Once you identify the creators you want to work with, it’s time to reach out. 

3. Send them jewelry to wear. 

Now that you’ve identified a few creators, send them some products to model and share with their followers.

It’s important to talk to your creators at this stage about their interests. For example, double-check that their ears are pierced before sending earrings, or ask them if they prefer gold or silver if you offer both metals. 

When you can get an accurate idea of what they like, you can tailor the products you send to them so they’re sure to love them. 

4. Consider offering an affiliate link or discount code. 

If you’re big on data (we think everyone should be!), you can use discount codes or affiliate links to see how your creators’ content performs. These also are good for giving customers an extra incentive to purchase, and if you’re working with creators on a commission basis, codes and links give them more motivation to make sure their posts perform well. 

5. Track key performance indicators. 

Depending on the goals you set out to achieve at the beginning of your venture into the creator economy, you should have a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help you measure your success. 

If your main goal was to increase brand awareness, measure your social accounts’ followers over time and how much engagement your creators’ posts received. On the other hand, if your goal was to gain more content to repurpose, check the quality of your creators’ posts. 

6. Analyze results. 

Compare your data to your initial goals. Are your creators underperforming? Excelling? Take this information and use it to guide your next steps. If your creators are absolutely killing it, consider developing long-term partnerships with them. 

On the other hand, if their content isn’t performing as well as you’d like, consider offering them more creative freedom in the future or even end your partnership and pursue other creators. 

Jewelry influencers to inspire your next campaign 

Top jewelry influencers on Instagram 

Chris Pluhacek 

While Chris Pluhacek might not fit the stereotypical mold of a jewelry influencer, his content shows men how to accessorize their outfits. After all, why limit yourself to a stereotype? He has partnered with brands like Norsewood Watches, Rock & Spark, and Clocks and Colours to create content promoting their men’s jewelry. 

Get more men’s style tips from Chris on TikTok and Facebook

Tracey Ellison 

Tracey Ellison, also known as the Diamonds Girl, is passionate about high-end jewelry and sharing it with the world. As one of the forefront jewelry influencers, she travels the world and produces content featuring luxury brands like Cartier and Harry Winston.

You can also find her latest jewelry picks on Instagram and her blog


Danielle Miele, the face behind the popular Gem Gossip blog, shares stunning photos of vintage jewelry she finds on her #JewelryRoadTrips, as well as modern jewelry from various artists. 

You can also discover the latest gem gossip on TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Danielle’s blog

Julia Ward 

Julia Ward is a professional piercer in York, United Kingdom, and her Instagram is full of curated ears that she creates for her clients. From delicate looks with two piercings to some ears with nearly 10 pieces of jewelry, Julia shows that she can do it all, no matter the aesthetic. 


Liza Urla is a content creator, model, and brand ambassador for fine jewelry businesses around the globe. And if that’s not already impressive enough, she also is the co-founder of GEM Kreatives, a creative agency. 

You can find more stunning gems on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and her blog

Top jewelry influencers on TikTok 

Next Door Jeweler 

@nextdoorjeweler Reply to @gwen.karski ♬ original sound – Next Door Jeweler

The father and son duo behind Next Door Jeweler are jewelry industry pros and are happy to share their expertise in fun TikToks that range from fine jewelry education to guessing how much celebrity engagement rings cost. 

You can also find Next Door Jeweler on Instagram and their business account on Facebook and Twitter

Cassi Lopez-March 

@cassisoclassy #stitch with @lightweightlyssie you’re not dumb lol ❤️ #piercersoftiktok ♬ original sound – Cassi Lopez-March

Cassie Lopez-March is a professional piercer with nearly 20 years of experience. She often duets videos of people discussing piercings and aftercare and shares her own professional opinion. She also hosts So Pierced, a Snapchat series that follows her in her studio. 

You can also check out some of Cassi’s latest work on Instagram.


@jewelswithjules #ArianaGrande’s $8 Million #Emerald Jewelry 💎💚 #lorraineschwartz #rembeauty #arianagrandefan #arianagrandeedits #evelynhugo #ariana #rembeautybyarianagrande ♬ pov – Ariana Grande

Julia Hackman Chafe works as a gemstone dealer in New York City, and in her free time, she creates content discussing celebrity jewelry. While she left college thinking she would have a “normal” job, her love for fine jewelry helped her find her career. 

Bebe Bakshi 

@champagne_gem can you keep a secret? here is Tempo Prezioso from Veschetti, set with a sensational 109-carat sugar loaf tanzanite, 294-carats of Mozambique rubies and 20-carats of round brilliant diamonds! #watchesoftiktok #watch #jewelrywatch #secretwatch #bracelet #ruby #tanzanite #highjewelry #yourdailydoseofsparkle #champagnegem ♬ Devil Doesn’t Bargain – Alec Benjamin

Bebe Bakshi, better known by her handle @champagne_gem, is a jewelry blogger and self-proclaimed “diamond enthusiast” located in Melbourne, Australia. She uses her blog to curate collections of fine jewelry and her social media profiles to showcase designer pieces from around the world. 

You can also find Bebe on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, and her blog

Fiona Jerman 

@fionajerman its hust a collection 😳🤩✌🏼 #earrings #earringhaul #earpiercing #piercing #piercingcheck #eartok #earrings #piercingcheck #jewelry #spiritadornmentsjewelry #studs #cinloco #casvaliano ♬ I have a collection – POPORAZZY

Fiona Jerman is a content creator who loves to share info about her many piercings. Her content typically features her showing off her latest “earscape,” and she’s worked with brands like Studs and Cinlo Co. 

You can also check out her latest content on Instagram

Key takeaway: Jewelry brands can shine when they partner with content creators. 

In such a saturated market, reaching new audiences and building brand awareness can be hard. And with so much cheap jewelry on the market, customers are wary about making a purchase they can’t see IRL. Creators can help showcase your products and their quality, helping bring legitimacy to your products and hopefully conversions to your website. 

Learn more about influencer marketing: Influencer Marketing 101

Updated: April 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a ton of ways you can promote a jewelry brand. Here are some of our favorites: 

  • Work with creators – They can help you create amazing content promoting your jewelry and get exposure to a new audience. 
  • Being active on social media – Create accounts on platforms where their demographics match your target audience. Then, you can share the photos and videos you take of your jewelry, as well as user-generated content (if you get permission first!). 
  • Emails and texts – Once someone provides this information to you on your website, you can send messages promoting new products, sales, and more.

Brands can promote their jewelry on social media in three different ways: 

  • Posting organically – Sharing photos or videos of your jewelry on your feed and in your stories is a great way to show off your products. Use some good hashtags so people can discover your content more easily. 
  • Using ads – You can pay to advertise to your target audience on social media. 
  • Partnering with creators – When you work with influencers, they can promote your jewelry to their followers, which helps you reach a new audience.

People can promote jewelry on Instagram in several ways: 

  • Using stories – While stories are temporary, they’re an exciting way to announce new products, sales, and more. 
  • Posting on the grid – Share photos and videos of your jewelry, as well as people wearing it, to build hype. 
  • Advertising – If you want to reach a new audience, consider advertising! When you put money behind an ad, you can set audience parameters, so you’re more likely to advertise to someone who wants your product. 
  • Partnering with creators – Creators can help your brand reach new audiences in an authentic and natural way. Send them some of your pieces, and they can promote them to their followers. 

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Written by Sarah Conrad

Originally from San Antonio, Sarah studied advertising at the University of Houston and decided to stay in the city upon graduation. She is particularly interested in SEO for social media platforms and tracking the latest influencer content trends. When she's not putting pen to paper, she's baking, painting, or hanging out with her dog.

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