Self-Care Influencers: The Future of Wellness Brands

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Over the past few years, interest in self-care has skyrocketed. The stress built up from the pandemic has people looking for ways to nurture their mental, physical and emotional health now more than ever.

And as the demand for self-care products and services increases, so does the number of companies offering them. So how can your brand stand out in this saturated market? By partnering with wellness and self care influencers. 

What is a self-care influencer? 

Wellness and self-care influencers are people who regularly post content about activities they do and products they use to stay mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy. Since wellness is such a broad term, some creators choose to stick to one particular facet of self-care while others touch on multiple topics. 

Self-love influencers 

@belle.warrenn You got this bb #AlaskaAirCAREoke #SoFiBreakUpChallenge #selflove #selflove #growth #podcast #inspirational ♬ Euphor – Novo Amor & Ed Tullett & Lowswimmer

Self-love influencers focus on body acceptance and appreciating yourself for who you are. They often share tips for building confidence, provide affirmations for when you’re feeling doubtful or negative, and offer looks into their personal self-acceptance journey. 

Cleaning influencers 

@myblissfulhome Nighttime clean with me 🧼#cleaningasmr #cleaninghacks #cleanday #homehacks #stephanieteaches ♬ Water Under the Bridge – Adele

Cleaning influencers educate and encourage viewers to declutter, sanitize, and make their home a safe haven. While some viewers look to cleaning influencers for motivation, others watch their content for the vicarious satisfaction of tackling a big mess.  

Mental health influencers 

Mental health influencers focus on sharing wisdom, coping techniques, and insights into how viewers can embrace negative emotions while working toward positive ones. Therapists, psychologists, and researchers make excellent mental health creators, as they can use their expertise to help large groups of people in a short amount of time. However, mental health professionals may not be quick to endorse a product that they aren’t 100% certain about. 

Fitness and nutrition influencers 

Whether they’re sharing fitness routines, taking you along as they go grocery shopping, or cooking their favorite recipes, fitness and nutrition influencers share tips on how viewers can improve their physical health and, as a byproduct, their mental health, too. 

self-care influencer doing yoga in a calm room

Top content trends for wellness influencers 

Self-care product demos and recommendations 

Self-care product demos and recommendations are a natural starting point for wellness brands looking to partner with creators. The best creators to work with are those who already use and love your product, as their audience will be able to detect their genuine excitement. 

Grounding techniques 

@infinitelight369 #grounding #earthing #foryou #science #health #spirituality #fyp #manifestation #spiritual ♬ Inspirational Epic – Yevhen Lokhmatov

Mental health professionals and amateurs alike share their favorite grounding techniques on social media to help people calm down, reconnect with their bodies and surroundings, and stop panicking. This type of how-to content is great for building trust with followers and providing real value to them. 

Self-care routine 

Whether it’s a wakeup or a nighttime routine, creators love peeling back the curtain and showing viewers how they amp up or wind down. They typically showcase products they love using, which can be an excellent entry point for skincare, hygiene, and supplement brands. 

Unfiltered looks (reality checks) 

@makaylaanisa We all have rolls when we sit, your body is beautiful💛 #realitycheck #selflove #youareenough #4upage ♬ original sound – Liv Wright

Self-love and fitness creators often share unfiltered looks at their skin, body, and life to remind followers that social media tends to be a highlight reel rather than a view of reality. This type of content makes these creators seem more relatable to the average viewer and builds trust and authenticity. 


@renee.benes 🙌🏽 #minimalismtiktok #minimalistlifestyle #lessstuffmoreliving ♬ original sound – Renee Benes

Minimalist creators love to share decluttering tips and are often passionate about sustainability. While minimalism may seem like something most product-based brands would want to stay away from, these creators can be great partners for brands offering experiences, mental health services, and wellness essentials. 

Brands in the self-care industry succeeding with influencer marketing 

First Aid Beauty 

@giseleayora Damaged skin barrier? Ultra Repair Cream by @firstaidbeauty is a life saver🤩 #fabinsider #skincareroutine #skinbarrier #dryskin #ad ♬ original sound – Gisele Ayora

To showcase the real-life benefits of their products, First Aid Beauty partnered with creators like Gisele Ayora, Mikayla Nogueira, and Haley Pham. Each influencer talked about some of their favorite products and how they can help overcome common skin concerns, like ingrown hairs, damaged skin barriers, and wrinkles. 


After discovering a lack of results when accepting anyone who requested a referral code into their influencer program, Organifi narrowed their partnerships to creators who already loved their products and had an engaged community. Once they identified and recruited their key players, Organifi focused on building relationships. In doing so, they earned more than 10,000 conversions. 

Grove Collaborative 

@clararpeirce sunday reset ft. @GroveCollaborative’s tree-free paper products 🤍🌳#grovepartner #sundayreset #resetroutine #cleanwithme ♬ gimme gimme gimme – ❁ཻུ۪۪♡ ͎. 。˚ °

Grove Collaborative, a DTC sustainable cleaning brand, partnered with creators known for their minimalist, decluttering, and cleaning content to showcase the effectiveness of their products. 

15 self-care creators to follow on social media right now 

Self-care Instagram accounts to follow 

1. Irene Martinho 

Irene Martinho is a Portuguese influencer focusing on self-care, self-love, and self-growth. She has a Master of Science in Positive Psychology and is dedicated to helping her followers create a “life of happiness.” 

You can also check out some of her self-care tips on YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, and LinkedIn.  

2. Michell C. Clark 

Michell C. Clark is a writer, clothing designer, and content creator who develops affirmation-based content for Black entrepreneurs and creatives. He is open about his journey, sharing with Rolling Out, “The voice you see on Instagram was actually a reaction to not being very confident. I first started to get more active on Instagram about a year ago, and it was very difficult at first. I am a writer, so the concept of a photoshoot or coordinating outfits seemed wild to me … so I just decided to be myself and put my personality out there.” 

You can find even more inspiring content from Michell on his website, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube

3. The New Happy 

Stephanie Harrison founded The New Happy website, podcast, newsletter, and social media presence, which she uses to dole out advice, happiness challenges, and sunny graphics that illustrate mental health affirmations in an easy-to-understand format. Her goal is to turn research on happiness and mental health into easily digestible content for all to use. 

You can also gain a fresh understanding through The New Happy’s website, podcast, Twitter, and Pinterest

4. Dr. Medina Culver 

Dr. Medina Culver is a doctor of osteopathic medicine who regularly discusses mental wellness, healthy habits, and finding the motivation to continue in the face of hardship. She has partnered with several wellness brands, including Thistle, Equilibria, and ThirdLove. 

You can also check out her latest content on TikTok

5. Scott Tatum 

Scott Tatum, the self-proclaimed nomad hiker, shares mental health and wellness advice he calls “Self-Care Savage Ups” while traveling throughout the U.S. He is currently sharing his thoughts while making his way through the Appalachian Trail, a 2,194.3-mile hike that tests a person’s mental and physical endurance. 

You can also find his friendly reminders on YouTube and TikTok

Self-care TikTok accounts to follow

1. Tamanna Kaur 

@tamkaur_ confidence is the most attractive trait #selfperception #confidenceboost #affirmationsforwomen #selfbelief ♬ La Espada – Eternal Raijin

Tamanna Kaur is a content creator focusing on fashion and mental health. She discusses embracing the struggles of life while combating them with self-dating, self-love, self-care, and self-growth. 

You can find more of her advice on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.  

2. Micha Yvette

@myycah My personal approach to the 4th one is to avoid those situations from the jump 💆🏾‍♀️ How to be more productive: get the 7 types of rest #howtobemoreproductive ♬ Chopin Nocturne No. 2 Piano Mono – moshimo sound design

Micha Yvette is a content creator dedicated to sharing her journey through life with her followers and bits of wisdom she finds along the way. Many of her videos begin with some sort of refrain of “Nobody told me this, so I’m going to tell you,” and she aims to help viewers change the way they think about their wellbeing. 

You can also find Micha on Instagram

3. Bryce Spencer-Jones 

@brycespencerjones You’ve already come so far so don’t sell yourself short. Healing isn’t linear and you’ll have bad days #healingjourney #healingtiktok #selflovefirst #selflovecheck ♬ original sound – Bryce Spencer-Jones

Bryce Spencer-Jones is a photographer and the host of the Unstuck Yourself podcast. He regularly shares sage advice on topics ranging from rejection to overloving someone. 

Hear more of Bryce’s advice on his podcast and Instagram

4. Clara Dao 

@clara_dao you are so much more than a body #bodyimage #bodypositivity #bodyacceptance #insecure ♬ Hurtless – Dean Lewis

Clara Dao is a content creator promoting self-love and speaking out against body shaming of all kinds, including #SkinnyShaming. In an interview with Sunday Riley, she said, “ I didn’t start making content about body positivity right away … But, about four or five months into it, I posted a video about having a flat chest and how I learned to embrace it and be confident with it. It went viral, and that’s when I realized that this is a topic that not many people were talking about … I felt like there was this unique opportunity for me to speak my opinion and inspire young girls and women to love their bodies.” 

Find more of her body positivity content on her website, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook

5. Daniel Duku 

@mrduku This is honestly for everyone #menslifestyle #mensmentalhealth ♬ original sound – 🚀𝐷𝐴𝐾𝐼𝐷𝐿𝑌𝑅𝐼𝐶🧸

Daniel Duku creates content about men’s lifestyle, wellness, and skincare advice, which he most notably frames as advice for young men. He’s partnered with brands such as Eu Natural, belif, and CeraVe. 

Discover more of his content on Instagram

Self-care YouTube accounts to follow

1. Fernanda Ramirez 

Fernanda Ramirez is a YouTuber from Canada who focuses on topics like self-care, health, fashion, productivity, and more. Whether she’s taking you along as she cleans her room, goes through her nighttime routine, or tries new things, you’re sure to be entertained. 

You can also follow along with her life via Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and VSCO

2. Michelle Choi

Michelle Choi is well-known for her Living Alone Diaries, videos in which she shares her routines and activities as a woman living alone in New York. Covering topics like mental health, wellness, beauty, and more, Michelle provides an unfiltered look into how she takes care of herself. 

You can also get a peek into her life on Instagram.  

3. Dylan James

Dylan James is a mindset coach dedicated to helping people release all limiting beliefs and feelings to create the best version of themselves. With a global roster of clients, Dylan has the experience to educate viewers on how to make real change. 

4. Simply Happy Zen 

Vera, the host of Simply Happy Zen, is a content creator focusing on minimalism, increasing intentionality in life, cultivating happiness, and more. Additionally, she offers online courses on slow living, decluttering, and falling in love with your life.

You can find more relaxing content on Twitter and her website

5. Anthony Ongaro 

Anthony Ongaro is the face behind the YouTube series and podcast Break the Twitch, which cover topics like improving focus and living intentionally. 

Discover how you can break the twitch with his website, podcast,
Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Key takeaway: Self-care influencers can show the real-life benefits of your products and services. 

Whether you’re a supplement brand or you offer mental health services, consumers are often skeptical about the benefits of your product. But when a creator they trust recommends it, they can create a halo effect for your entire brand. 

When choosing a creator to work with, be sure to choose one who truly loves your brand. This genuine enthusiasm is necessary for a successful partnership

Learn more about influencer marketing: Influencer Marketing 101

Updated: April 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Self-care describes any type of activity that improves a person’s mental, emotional, or physical health. This broad category includes exercise, healthy eating, skincare, therapy, meditation, journaling, participating in hobbies, talking to loved ones, and more.

Across all of the self-care niches, IRi states that the self-care market is about $450 million. 

Self-care is trending because the pandemic took a toll on people’s mental, emotional, and physical health, and people are looking for ways to care for their whole selves and achieve more balance in their lives. 

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Written by Sarah Conrad

Originally from San Antonio, Sarah studied advertising at the University of Houston and decided to stay in the city upon graduation. She is particularly interested in SEO for social media platforms and tracking the latest influencer content trends. When she's not putting pen to paper, she's baking, painting, or hanging out with her dog.

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