12 Kid Influencers That Can Help You Target the Younger Generation

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If you want to engage kids, you need content that is kid-friendly and relatable. Not just that, you should also be able to engage with parents and kids at the same time. This means you need to make content for two different target audiences.

To bridge the gap between these two generations, kid influencers are perfect. Working with kid influencers and their parents can be really helpful for your marketing campaigns. They are your target audience, and they know what works for them.

Big brands like Target and Covergirl are already bringing in kid influencers to reach out to younger audiences. According to a report from PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, the under-13 digital media market is showing a 25 percent year-on-year growth rate. If you want to reach out to kids and their parents, here are some kid influencers that your brand should work with.

1. Ethan Gamer TV

This 12-year-old British kid influencer has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube. He loves playing Minecraft, Roblox, and “Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare” on his primary YouTube channel.

He also has a secondary YouTube channel where he uploads unboxing videos and reviews. In 2016, he won the “YouTube Star of the Year” Award at the MEGA Awards. For his loyal YouTube fans, he has special merchandise on his website that has his EGTV logo on them.

2. Emma and Mila Stauffer

Emma and Mila Stauffer’s cute and funny videos from Instagram have been going viral all over the web. From strollers to soft toys and snacks, they have promoted it all in their unique sassy voices. Their Instagram account is handled by their mom, Katie Stauffer, who ensures these twin kid influencers are coming up with fresh videos every day.

Katie also features her other three kids on the channel often. Their Instagram channel has a following of over 3 million. They are soon launching their own YouTube channel as well.

Most kid influencers have their parents handling their brand partnerships, so download our influencer outreach templates to craft better outreach messages that will sway parents.

3. Coco

At just seven years, this kid influencer has already partnered with many big names in the fashion industry. Coco’s Instagram feed features clothes and accessories from Burberry, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, and other luxury brands.

She has a distinctive sense of style and loves to play around with oversized sunglasses and other accessories. She is one of the youngest fashion kid influencers around the globe. Her account is handled by her parents, who run a vintage clothing store in Tokyo, Japan.

4. KidToyTesters

A joint YouTube channel run by five siblings, KidToyTesters creates content that is fun and kid-friendly. Yumiko (15), Sachiko (13), Kimiko (9), Kenzo (7), and Raiden (3) are the kid influencers who appear on this channel. They test out different games every week and upload their reviews on their channel. These kid influencers also engage their 3 million subscribers through giveaways and challenges.

Their most popular video is the one where all of the kids recreate a scene from “The Little Mermaid.” It has garnered over 38 million views. They produce videos that earn them around $3,000 to $20,000 per sponsored video.

5. Laerta

Laerta is one of the most fashionable kid influencers on Instagram. Fashion is her niche, but she doesn’t shy away from exploring other areas as well. This six-year-old kid influencer’s Instagram feed showcases trendy kid outfits, the latest accessories, and fun kids’ toys.

6. Hawkeye Huey

This 8-year-old kid influencer is also one of the youngest photographers on Instagram. Son of National Geographic photographer, Aaron Huey, he often accompanies his father on his assignments. On his travels, he is always armed with a FujiInstax210.

His Instagram feed is full of his adventures around New York City. Because of his outgoing nature, he is a favorite with brands who promote travel and adventure.

7. Roberson Brothers

Justin, Eric, and Steve Roberson started surfing when they were just two years old. They picked up the best surfing tricks from their dad, Kaleo Roberson, who is a pro-surfer. These kid influencers have dreams of conquering the world’s biggest waves.

They love to surf, skate, and play pranks on each other. Their Instagram and YouTube feeds are full of fearless antics and playful banter. In the past, these kid influencers have collaborated with shoe brands and surfboard designers.

8. Clara Lukasiak

Clara Lukasiak gained popularity when she appeared on the reality show, Dance Moms. Since then, she has excelled at acting, dancing, and modeling. Her Instagram account, which has more than 968k followers, is managed by her mom. Her content mainly focuses on kids’ fashion trends.

9. Gabe And Garrett

California brothers, Gabriel (11) and Garrett (9) love to introduce their audience to new games. With the help of their dad, they upload kid-friendly content on their YouTube channel. Videos on Sidewalk Cops, Power Wheels racing, and toy reviews are some of the things the kid influencers are popular for.

10. Ryan Toys Review

This kid influencer was named one of the highest paid YouTube entrepreneurs in 2017 by Forbes Magazine. This six-year-old’s YouTube channel releases new toy reviews and has over 25 billion views on his channel. When Ryan was only three years old, he was inspired by watching other toy reviewers.

When he expressed his desire to make his own videos, his mom set up a YouTube channel for him. Since 2017, Pocket.watch, a media company for children, has been handling the marketing and merchandising for Ryan’s YouTube channels. He also has his own line of toys and clothing which are available at Walmart and Target stores.

11. Stella and Blaise

This brother and sister duo are kid fashion influencers who love to flaunt their unique sense of style. 8-year-old Stella and 6-year-old Blaise Bennett love to play sports and visit California’s scenic beaches. Whenever they step out, they make sure they are donning stylish outfits.

In the past, they have collaborated with Puma to design a special line of shoes. Their Instagram account has more than 68k followers.

12. Millie-Belle Diamond

This three-year-old Australian kid influencer is one of the youngest social media influencers on Instagram. Millie-Belle loves to dress up in oversized hats, sunglasses, and caps. Her Instagram account is handled by her mom.

Millie-Belle’s photos are fabulous and you can tell the little toddler has a bright future in the world of fashion. At the age of two, she partnered with children’s brand Little Miss Aoki and made an appearance on the red carpet.


Major brands around the world are lining up to find the newest kid on the block. Influencer marketing has been around for a while, but now it is opening up its doors for kid influencers. Today, kid influencers have the power to reach, engage, and connect with other kids as well as their parents. So, kid influencers can rev up any brand’s marketing efforts.

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