Tips & Tricks to Keep Influencer Campaigns Fresh

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keep influencer campaigns fresh

More marketers and D2C brands are trying influencer marketing than ever before. And for good reason – fresh, authentic social media content generates excitement from consumers and drives sales.

“Businesses make $6.50 on every $1 they spend on influencer marketing.” – GRIN: What is Influencer Marketing?

But as more brands enter the influencer marketing space, it’s not as easy as it used to be for brands to keep their campaigns genuine and engaging. Depending upon how much influencer content your brand produces, you may be feeling like you’re running out of options for fresh content.

Influencer marketing at Frenchie Bulldog demonstrates how intense the need for fresh content can be.

I only post our influencers. When I only have those photos to work with, I need to grow that group of people quickly and efficiently so that way all that content that influencers are creating is produced consistently on social media. I need photos, and I need them quick.” – Victoria at Frenchie Bulldog, Brands Working Remote Talking Influencers

Whether you run dozens of campaigns a month or are just getting ready to try influencer marketing for the first time, fresh, authentic influencer content is critical. In this quick guide, we’ll give you some tips and tricks to help you keep your influencer program exciting for consumers.

How to Keep Your Influencer Campaigns Fresh and Engaging

One of the critical reasons why marketers love influencer marketing is because it is user-generated content over which they have a great deal of control. That said, allowing your program to become stale or micromanaged can negatively impact results.

Since influencer marketing is built on authentic, organic content, it’s critical that your campaigns keep pace with consumers’ expectations. Specifically, consumers seek a fresh experience – one that demonstrates a desirable quality of life made better by your products/services.

Build Relationships with Your Influencers

Good influencer relationships are based on shared values and style. How well you vet your influencers determines the success with which you build an influencer team that produces results.

Short-term relationships – the only real option for new influencer marketers or startups – work great for bench testing new campaigns or accelerating brand awareness. In fact, short-term influencer relationships can easily turn into coveted long-term relationships.

Long term relationships play a critical part in maintaining your brand’s authenticity because they help influencers develop a strong comfort level with your brand. This mature brand-influencer relationship allows your influencers to post with more creativity and genuine excitement. 

The most important thing to remember is that influencers are social media professionals. You should treat them with the care that you would give both your best customer and your top-performing employees. Influencers appreciate consistent, open communication, success shoutouts, and campaign perks (free product, travel, etc.). 

Welcome Influencer Creativity

Influencers are successful because they’ve built a career on social media authenticity. Audiences are enthralled by influencer posts.

Since these professionals are creativity pacesetters for the marketing industry, you should actively seek their feedback. Be upfront with your influencers about what you need your campaign to accomplish. Show new influencers what has worked for your organization in the past.

After providing this direction, ask your influencer to contribute to the campaign planning process. Their input could make the difference between a good and an amazing influencer campaign.

Create New Campaigns for Different Objectives

The fastest way to ruin your influencer campaign’s authenticity is to only ever drive sales. As with any marketing campaign or platform, there are many different KPIs that will help your business now and in the future.

For example, brand awareness and web traffic KPIs help you nurture future sales among consumers not yet ready to buy. Depending upon your industry, the average consumer needs anywhere from 3 to 20 touch points before they are ready to spend money on a product or service.

If you’re planning an experiential marketing event, ask your influencers to help you promote it. Or if you’re trying to increase your website’s domain authority and SEO, ask an influencer to guest post or create content that features one of your brand’s webpages.

Amplify What’s Working

While it can be tough to generate a one-to-one relationship between you and every influencer, a robust influencer relationship management (IRM) platform will make your efforts go much farther. Scaling your influencer program manually with spreadsheets will eventually prevent you from making critical creative decisions that leverage past campaign strengths.

As you track campaigns and influencers that exceed your expectations, you should note the factors that made those campaigns successful. Pay attention to colors, style, and calls-to-action that resonate especially well with audiences.

You can also deepen relationships with your influencers by debriefing after each campaign. It’s a good idea to ask your influencers why some posts were more successful than others. Allow your influencers to partner with you when brainstorming future campaigns.

Make Your Campaigns Digital Events for Your Audience

According to eMarketer and Review42, “North Americans use social media for around 2 hours and 6 minutes daily.” That adds up to nearly 15 hours a week.

Within that 15 hours/week, audiences are engaging compelling content, and much of that content comes from their favorite influencers. Since consumers are already spending that time on social media, it helps to think of your influencer campaigns as “digital events.”

Your influencer campaigns should include different kinds of media (written, photos, video, audio, etc.) and offer audiences multiple ways to engage. These digital events can host contests, stories, and a host of ways for audiences to actively participate.

Use Different Mediums for Your Campaigns

It’s critical that you tap into every relevant social resource. This mentality ensures that you leave no ROI stone unturned. In fact, some of the most underrated mediums could offer the strongest payback. An “underrated” social media platform often means that few brands are leveraging it for authentic engagement with consumers.

If most of your campaigns involve pictures, experiment with video and blogs. If you’ve only ever used YouTube for video influencer campaigns, consider trying video features on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

Tapping into new social channels also offers you a wider selection of powerful influencers. Even though Instagram is the leading influencer platform, there is hardly a social platform that is not teaming with influencers.

Try Influencer Instagram Takeovers

Takeover campaigns are a fun way to generate excitement from your influencers’ audiences. Most takeovers take place over Instagram, but this approach also works with any channel, such as YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and TikTok. 

Takeover campaigns are exciting ways to launch new products, publicize important information, or simply “mix it up” with your influencer content. 

That said, not all influencers are equally comfortable with takeover campaigns. We only recommend that you try takeovers among your long-term influencer relationships. 

Conclusion: You can Keep Your Influencer Campaigns Fresh for Any Product, Any Brand.

If your influencer content is fresh and authentic, there is almost no marketing KPI you can’t achieve. Social media engagement can accelerate business growth for single product line companies just as well as it can for brands with massive product selection.

In fact, some marketers think that influencers are only good for new product launches, but that assumption is far from accurate. The success of your marketing campaigns has more to do with the quality of your influencer content than it does your product selection.

Your influencer’s authenticity and creativity will be key to keeping your content fresh. By investing energy into quality influencer relationships, you will nurture the kind of collaborative spirit and engaging content that delivers any place, anytime.

7 ways to keep influencer campaigns fresh

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