Meet the 2023 Great British Baking Show Cast

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The tent is up, the ovens are preheated, and the spatulas are at the ready. That’s right, it’s time for another season of the Great British Baking Show!

With no contestants boasting over 10,000 followers, the power of nano influence is strong with these bakers. But that doesn’t mean that brands looking to partner with them can’t earn a handshake from Paul Hollywood on their next campaign.

Collaborations with cooking and kitchen appliance brands are too obvious. So let’s meet this year’s Great British Baking show cast and find out what type of partnership might be most suitable for each member. But first, let’s get to know this year’s hosts.  

The Great British Baking Show hosts

Noel Fielding

Noel Fielding is a beloved British comedian and artist known for his distinct fashion sense, quirky sense of humor, and quick wit. Some of you may have first been introduced to him from the viral “Old Gregg” sketches from the mid aughts, but today, it’s hard to associate Fielding with anything other than chumming it up with our favorite amateur bakers in the tent.  

Paul Hollywood

Paul Hollywood brings a “no-nonsense” expert perspective to the Great British Baking Show’s judging panel. A legendary baker himself, Hollywood’s straight-shooting critiques and high standards for perfection have become iconic on the show. Contestants and viewers alike admire his honest and sometimes tough feedback, which challenges bakers to push their limits and achieve their best.

Alison Hammond

Alison Hammond replaces Matt Lucas as host on this season’s Great British Baking Show. A well-known television presenter and personality, Hammond offers a warm and humorous touch to the show that resonates with contestants and viewers. Even though she’s the newest member of the Bake Off family, Hammond’s passion and delightful personality have already endeared her to the show’s biggest fans. 

Prue Leith

Beyond her involvement in the Great British Baking Show, Prue Leith has enjoyed an illustrious career in the culinary world. She is an accomplished author with numerous cookbooks to her name, and her culinary school, Leith’s School of Food and Wine, has trained countless chefs, adding to her legacy in the industry. As a judge, Leith’s honest and constructive critiques have become invaluable to contestants as they showcase their baking prowess in the tent. 

6 members of the Great British Baking Show cast, including Noel Fielding

Introducing the Great British Baking Show cast: Season 14

1. Abbi Lawson

Instagram follower count (as of 10/11/2023): 2,399

Abbi is a delivery driver from Cumbria who likes to grow her own vegetables and forage for ingredients, giving her bakes a unique twist.

As a forager and outdoor enthusiast, brands that might consider partnering with Abbi include:

  • Eco-friendly brands
  • Outdoor apparel/gear brands
  • Local and artisanal producers
  • Agriculture and horticulture companies

2. Amos Lilley

Instagram follower count (as of 10/11/2023): 2,054

Amos is a grocery and deli manager from North London. As a film, theater, and theme park lover, you can expect Amos’ bakes to have quite the dramatic twist.

Brands that should consider partnering with Amos include: 

  • Wholesale food delivery services
  • Film studios and distributors
  • Home theater brands
  • Theme park chains

You can also follow Amos on TikTok.

3. Cristy Sharp

Instagram follower count (as of 10/11/2023): 2,606

Cristy is a personal assistant and mother of four from East London. She pulls inspiration from her Israeli Heritage and Jamaican roots to inspire her out-of-this-world flavors. 

Brands that might consider partnering with Cristy include: 

  • Parenting magazines and blogs
  • Cultural events and festivals
  • Health and wellness brands

4. Dan Cazador

Instagram follower count (as of 10/11/2023): 2,325

Dan is a civil engineer, resource planner, and proud owner of more than 300 cookbooks. The Cheshire resident realized his passion for cooking while on a trip to South America in 2007. When he’s not cooking, he’s hitting the gym or spending time with his three sons. 

Brands that should consider partnering with Dan:

  • Cookbook publishers (obviously)
  • Travel and tourism companies
  • Cultural and travel bloggers
  • Fitness brands

5. Dana Conway

Instagram follower count (as of 10/11/2023): 1,930

Dana, an Essex-based data administrator, started cooking at 16. She is her family’s go-to source for celebration cakes and has a cockapoo named Gracie who helps her out in the kitchen.

Some brands that might have success partnering with Dana:

  • Pet brands
  • Home decor and event planning companies
  • Wedding industry brands

6. Josh Smalley

Instagram follower count (as of 10/11/2023): 1,756

Josh is a post-doctoral research associate and rugby enthusiast from Leicestershire. A chemist by trade, Josh brings a scientific precision to the kitchen that helps him get the most out of every bake.

Brands that might partner with Josh include:

  • Sportswear brands
  • Athletic recovery and health brands
  • Tech and gadget brands
  • Academic and educational institutions

7. Keith Barron

Instagram follower count (as of 10/11/2023): 1,239

Keith gets his cooking inspiration from 1970s cookbooks and his poodle Maisie. Even though Keith is this season’s oldest contestant, he isn’t afraid to take some risks in the kitchen.

Brands that should partner with Keith include:

  • Dog supply brands
  • Senior health and wellness brands
  • Media and publishing houses

8. Matty Edgell

Instagram follower count (as of 10/11/2023): 4,636

Matty is a PE and science teacher from Cambridgeshire. The 28-year-old learned most of his original cooking tricks from watching social media videos. In the coming months, he plans to have his most important bake yet: a wedding cake for his fiance, Laura.

Brands that might partner with Matty include:

  • Culinary schools
  • Fitness and wellness brands
  • Wedding and event planning companies
  • Educational platforms

You can also follow Matty on TikTok.

9. Nicky

Instagram follower count (as of 10/11/2023): 1,613

Nicky is a retiree who enjoys cooking with her nieces and grandchildren. In her free time, she volunteers at a pet therapy clinic and likes to ski.

Nicky doesn’t have much of an Instagram presence right now, as she seemingly joined the platform right before the show’s premiere (good call, Nicky). However, some brands that might consider partnering with her include:

  • Family and parenting blogs
  • Ski and outdoor gear brands
  • Travel and leisure companies
  • Pet care brands
  • Community and volunteer organizations 

10. Rowan Claughton

Instagram follower count (as of 10/11/2023): 2,360

Rowan is an English lit major and the youngest contestant in the tent this year. Rowan has a “go big or go home” mentality so don’t expect this young baker to hold anything back this season!

Brands that might partner with Rowan include:

  • Education and study aid brands
  • Student discounts and services
  • Technology brands

11. Saku Chandrasekara

Instagram follower count (as of 10/11/2023): 2,771

This Sri Lankan native discovered her passion for baking when she moved to the UK in 2003. Saku didn’t even have an oven in her home until she was 18. But now, she enjoys baking for her family (and now the world) using home-grown ingredients from her garden.

Brands that should partner with Saku include:

  • Home and garden brands
  • Sustainability and eco-friendly brands
  • Travel and food tourism companies

12. Tasha Stones

Instagram follower count (as of 10/11/2023): 8,045

Tasha is an adventurous baker who enjoys traveling the world and experiencing the arts. She is the first-ever deaf contestant on the show.

Brands that might consider partnering with Tasha include: 

  • Travel brands
  • Theater and entertainment companies
  • Culinary tourism organizations
  • Cooking and sign language education organizations

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Frequently Asked Questions

The crew of the Great British Baking Show includes hosts Noel Fielding, Paul Hollywood, Alison Hammond, Prue Leith, and 12 amateur baking hopefuls. 

Alison Hammon is replacing Matt Lucas on Bake off in 2023. Lucas left the show due to a scheduling conflict. 

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