Craft Influencers and Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

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Creative arts and craft influencers can make nearly any brand, product, or service shine. They are masters of presentation with a superb eye for aesthetics.

DIY influencers tend to showcase more lifestyle content than other types of influencers. You might see them building things at home (or building a home entirely) with the help of their spouses, siblings, or children. Or, they are thrift shopping to turn “reject” pieces into beautiful decorations.

The “how-to” approach of art influencers captures the audience’s imagination. Consumers long to create using the same materials and methods illustrated by their favorite social media influencers.

Top influencers in arts and crafts know how to create content that is easy to repurpose for ads long after the initial campaign is over. Additionally, their user-generated content (UGC) performs better across all digital marketing channels than content created by brands. 

Quick history of crafting

Crafting and artistry are closely related. People developed crafts (special skills) to create beautiful yet practical pieces in ancient civilizations. 

Some of these crafts functioned as decor, while others helped people serve food or establish culturally acceptable fashion. As society advanced into the industry and tech ages, many things that used to be crafted by hand are now mass-produced.

But because crafting and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are both fun and popular, millions of people still employ their unique skills to create something special. 

The rise of crafting during the COVID-19 pandemic

“Stuck at home without the diversions of socializing, travel or dining out, the crafting continued. Americans knitted, crocheted and wove through the lockdown. They made hand-tufted rugs, paper orchids, wooden chess sets, tiny shrines and botanical mandalas.”

The New York Times

The economic impact of COVID-19 spurred an “awakening” among former and aspiring crafters. Masks were in short supply but simple to make using fabric and sewing machines. Those who could do so put out masks by the dozens. And that was just the beginning.

Many specialty stores closed, or consumers felt unsafe walking down aisles of home and craft stores. But with the help of DIY creators on social media, many learned how to make things themselves. 

Rampant layoffs also left people at home feeling bored while trying to make ends meet on smaller budgets. For all these reasons and more, millions took to crafting alongside their favorite social media creators. 

How arts and crafts brands can leverage influencers to grow 

Paper, yarn, felt, paint, ceramic, and party product suppliers are some of the most common business categories collaborating with arts and crafts influencers. But there are many more industries that can benefit from DIY creators.

craft influencer recording a craft-making session

For example, many arts and crafts influencers assemble easy projects for all ages. Brands that cater to family and youth often find that partnering with artsy influencers yields fruitful results.

Arts and craft DIY-ers are in everything—cooking, home renovations, party planning, fashion, cosmetics, and more. Most successful craft influencers have their hands in more than one creative outlet. Some of them seem to do them all effortlessly.

Regardless, DIY influencers are great for any brand that favors style, color, and creativity. These influencers can help your brand engage more consumers and expand product markets.

Choosing the right arts and crafts influencer

Before you choose just any craft creator, you want to search carefully for influencers who meet a particular set of criteria. Here are some questions to think about when looking for the right influencer for your brand:

1. What are your influencer marketing goals?

Some influencers are better suited for driving revenue, and others are more suited for increasing brand awareness. The same goes for blogger/vlogger influencers who drive web traffic to your site and increase your search engine optimization.

2. Does your audience align with the influencer’s audience?

Influencers typically serve a niche audience. Hiring an influencer who fails to match the wants and needs of your audience will produce meager results.

3. Does the influencer have excellent engagement metrics or only vanity metrics?

Vanity metrics only note follower and like counts, and fake influencers can generate those numbers falsely. Instead, the influencers who bring the highest ROI know how to inspire meaningful comments, post shares, and conversions among their followers. 

Brands already using crafting influencers for successful campaigns

Few people knew Brother printers for their crafting tools, but that changed when the brand partnered with art and DIY creators to promote their Brother Crafts USA brand of photo and ScanNCut printers.

Creators used ScanNCut machines to create a host of fun crafts, including photo frames, holiday cards, fabric patterns, and more.

Just because you’re not an arts and crafts brand doesn’t mean that you can’t leverage these creators to promote your products. In the @psimadethis post below, the creator masterfully integrated several sponsoring brands in an adorable home video.

Excited for the release of Hotel Transylvania on Amazon Prime, the creator and her son enjoyed movie-themed cookies (courtesy of fellow influencer @littlesparkscookies) while wearing gifted pajamas from Petite Plume.

Top 20 craft influencers brands should know

Top 5 craft bloggers


An Instagram influencer and long-time blogger, Amber Kemp-Gerstel hosts the Disney Family Show (Disney+) and is also a craft fanatic.

From handmade jewelry to homemade stickers, Amber features paper suppliers, kid products, holiday promotions, and more.


HandmadeCharlotte is a talented cook. When she’s not cooking, she’s crafting. And when she’s not crafting or cooking, she’s creating new lattes, espressos, and a variety of morning beverages.


Elsie and Emma (sisters) challenge followers to “Stay home and make something!” From building outdoor playhouses to fantastic wall art, these sisters are passionate about DIY in ways that will surprise you.


Oh Happy Day is down to party. Or, at least help you craft one. This homemade party decor fanatic teaches her readers how to create custom streamers, piñatas, menus, wall art, party favors, and more.

Kelly Mindell loves three things the most—her family, remaking her bathroom, and Disneyland. When she’s not enjoying one of her favorite things in life, she’s “embracing color” and “making life a party.”

Kelly’s Studio DIY features her and her son spending time together crafting everything from popsicle stick buildings to wall art.

Top 5 Instagram craft influencers

1. @psimadethis

P.S. I Made This is “helping you craft the life you want.” She engages her followers with pastel-colored crafts, favorite recipes, and crafts for kids.

When it comes to party platters, P.S. I Made This is a master of elaborate meat, veggie, and dessert plates.

2. @kailochic

Watch Kailo Chic redecorate her living room hearth for every season and holiday—all with DIY products. She loves her vinyl cutting machine, felt, and shag.

Besides creating throw pillows, wall art, and planters, Kailo Chic shows her fans how to make home organization fun and fabulous.

3. @thediyday

If you thought that scrapbooking was dead, then you ought to meet Renee Day. This influencer takes paper crafting to the next level with handmade journals, calendars, note cards, scrapbooks, and more.

4. @liagriffith

Lia Griffith is one of Instagram’s best paper, yarn, and felt crafters and builds astoundingly life-like flower arrangements. Lia is also a master of wall art and miniature stuffed animals.

5. @ohjoy

Joy Cho is a life coach and public speaker obsessed with homemade wallpaper and luggage. More recently, she’s become an avid DIY-er for semi-custom projects.

Top 5 TikTok craft influencers

1. @drooandaya

@drooandaya Pink Spooky Halloween Personalized Pin back Buttons @etsy 💕💀👻 #ad #etsytiktok #halloweendecor #halloween #halloweenbuttons #trickortreat #halloweenspirit #cutehalloween #pinkhalloween #PepsiApplePieChallenge ♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

Droo and Aya are Etsy vendors and an arts-and-crafts power couple. Not only do they use their TikTok to promote their products, but they also produce informative time-lapse videos showing fans how to make different types of crafts.

2. @nifty

@nifty I’m going to have these all over my house!😍🏺 #diytiktok #terracotta #diy #hacks #homedecor ♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

We don’t know a lot about minimalist TikToker Nifty. But we do know that she thinks outside the box on a wide range of crafts while offering ingenious life hacks along the way.

3. @mary.creations1

@mary.creations1 Diy vase with #dollartree & #walmart #dollartreefinds #decor #decoration #fypシ #creative #homedecor #idea #myhobby #diy #diycraft #repost #craft ♬ Ameno Amapiano Remix (You Wanna Bamba) – Goya Menor & Nektunez

If there’s a will to incorporate barnhouse themes in projects, Maria Maldonado will find a way. This Dollar Tree-loving DIYer has no shortage of home and office decor ideas.

4. @mrs.craftsalot

@mrs.craftsalot Valentines decor #valentinesdaycrafts #Valentines #dollartreecrafts #dollartreediy #dollartree #dollartreevalentinesday #diy #crafty #crafts #vday #valentinesdecor #valentinesdaydiy #holiday #vday2023 #love #romance #loveislove #loveyou #roses #romantic #giftideas #mrscraftsalot ♬ ily (i love you baby) – Surf Mesa

Though Mrs. Craftsalot insists that she’s not an artist, her TikTok and Instagram fans beg to differ. This glue gun master uses surprising ingredients to make holiday-themed decorations, prank her friends, and everything in between.

5. @athomewithshannon

@athomewithshannon CUTEST *EASTER* TABLE DECOR IDEA! these bunnies and carrots are so easy to make and look adorable as your Easter Centerpiece! #easter #easterdecor #eastertablescape #easterdecoration #eastercenterpiece #momsoftiktok ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

From donut trees to witch’s broom cheese, there is never a dull moment with Shannon Doherty—known on TikTok as athomewithshannon. This mom of four has all the inspiration you’ll need for a seasonal or evergreen DIY project that your family and friends won’t forget. 

You can also follow Shannon on Instagram

Top 5 YouTube craft influencers

1. Mr. Kate

Mr. Kate is a designer couple for clothing, jewelry, and home decor projects. Also bloggers, vloggers, and Pinterest influencers, the Mr. Kate duo has a reach that extends beyond their nearly 4 million subscribers on YouTube.

2. Never Skip Brunch by Cara Newhart

A sucker for recycling random materials around the neighborhood, Cara Newhart engages her followers with day-by-day updates on room makeovers and furniture creations.

3. Natalies Outlet

Natalie is a lifestyle vlogger who regularly incorporates crafting and DIY videos into her broad collection of life hack, beauty, and hair care content. Among her favorite art projects are homemade journals and stationary.

4. SoCraftastic

Sarah Lynn is a fashion model who loves to craft every chance she gets. Because she accepts craft challenges, she has done it all and delights audiences while learning new skills.

5. SimpleCrafts

Merve is YouTube’s most prolific miniature and doll artist. Not only does she make some accessories herself, but she can also show you where to buy hard-to-find items online and in stores.

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Updated: March 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no set rates for arts and crafts influencers. Some creators publish content part-time while managing day jobs, while others build their careers as professional influencers. 

Smaller influencers may partner with brands in exchange for product gifts. Most influencers accept collaborations for payments per post, retainer fees, commission on sales, or a combination of the three.

Most creators receive products for free to get to know the brand and showcase them in their posts. Brands usually issue payments to influencers as independent contractors per their partnership agreement.

Cricut is an arts and crafts brand that leverages creators to spread word of mouth among their target audience. These creators can join Cricut’s ambassador program and earn commissions on sales from products they promote to their followers.

Cricut, an online arts and crafts brand, invites social media influencers to join its ambassador team, also known as its affiliate program. Creator partners can earn commissions on sales when promoting the brand to their followers.

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