Best Practices for Working with Cocktail Influencers in 2024

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These cocktail influencers are ready to stir up more than just drinks. Dive deep and take a look at their social platforms, which are filled with zesty colors and vibrant beverages that leave their followers and us thirsty for more. This guide will introduce you to our top 15 picks and provide the best tips on collaborating with them.  

Our premium 15: The top 15 cocktail influencers to follow right now

These creators know how to create a drink for everyone—even for non-drinkers! Everyone is guaranteed to have a good time with these influencers’ beverages, from Pisco Sour to mocktails and more! So, let’s dive in and see how these cocktail influencers are revolutionizing the drink industry, one sip at a time.

1. Natalie Migliarini

Not only is Natalie known for her stunning photography and breathtaking cocktail presentations, but she’s also known for making the unique transition from a corporate job to full-time cocktail blogging. Now, that’s what we call making your passion a full-time job! Her published book “Beautiful Booze: Stylish Cocktails to Make at Home” is the perfect guide to get into that Sunday-tipsy vibe.

2. Amy Traynor 

Amy stands out for her seasonal cocktail recipes. She’s dived into the mystical side of mixology with her book “WitchCraft Cocktails.” She creates creative signature cocktails that are so visually appealing you’ll feel like you’re in a fancy and spooky bar—but in a good way! 

3. Bad Birdy 

Bad Birdy stands out as a global cocktail creative with edgy, trend-setting cocktail presentations. She also live-streams bartending lessons to her Instagram followers. Her unique approach to crafting cocktails often includes incorporating artistic elements and cultural influences, creating the perfect cocktails inspired by Mexican traditions like Día de los Muertos.

4. Julianna McIntosh

Julianna is unique for her entertaining cocktail creation videos, especially for using Spotify to reach a wider audience with her podcast “The Art of Drinking.” Her informative, quick, and fun clips have earned her hundreds of followers on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more. 

5. Jordan Hughes

Based in Portland, Jordan has the perfect blend of cocktails and photography skills that set him apart, making his posts humorous and eye-catching. Creating visual experiences, he perfectly combines his alcohol expertise with premium bar equipment and tells a visual story like no other. Besides his visually appealing feed, Hughes offers introductory cocktail courses for the spirits aficionados. 

6. Rhonda 

Rhonda, a working mom and our favorite gal from Australia, is known for her creative interpretations of the classic margarita. She’s currently looking to find the world’s best margarita, and we are here for it. Rhonda shares her knowledge and passion for drinks through her website, posting various recipes and creations that cater to different occasions and seasons, such as the alcohol-free Cranberry Spiced Ginger in time for Thanksgiving.

7. Hee Chung 

Hee stands out for his specialization in cocktail garnishes, transforming each cocktail into an intricate and artistic presentation. With Hee, you know you are on the right course to create the perfect cocktail garnishes and drink whatever comes to your mind with their incredible signature cocktails. 

8. Joanna Lin 

Joanna has carved out a unique space by combining creative cocktails with fine art, delivering an aesthetically pleasing feed. But she’s not only about wine! By photographing bartenders and mixologists in their natural habitat, every cocktail remains unique, a personal, human touch that makes every photo feel authentic and spontaneous.  

9. Johnny & Neka

This dynamic duo makes a mark by mixing empowerment, southern hospitality, and the booming Charleston food and cocktail scene to create the perfect cocktail. With their curated cocktail events and beverage experiences, this pair promises a good tipsy experience where you can also learn about Charleston culture. 

10. Tipsy Bartender

This creator offers a range of cocktails inspired by popular culture and has over 4M subscribers on YouTube and over 5M followers on Instagram. Now, that’s what we call a passionate mixologist! His recipes are so irresistibly tasty and full of colors that you’ll be tempted to try everything he creates. 

11. Barlow Gilmore 

Barlow differentiates himself with sleek, minimalist cocktail presentations and his skill in ice carving. His classic shaken, not stirred cocktails approach makes him the perfect match for a James Bond cameo. He provides insightful tips on the nuances of mixology, right down to the details of using the perfect ice or even combining liquors for that perfect taste. He posts a new cocktail recipe every week, perfect for cocktail fans to enjoy on their weekends. 

12. Marisa 

Marisa’s colorful photography and playful flavor combinations have made her a distinctive voice in the mixology community. Using a unique mix of fresh fruits and colorful flowers, she creates an artistic display that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and even though we haven’t tried one of her cocktails yet, they sure look tasty. Her feed is the perfect combination of fruits, colors, and flowers!

13. FeedFeedCocktails 

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey with Feedfeed Cocktails! This amazing Instagram page has transformed mixology into an art form and now offers a collection of beverage recipes for all tastes, including mocktails, tea, coffee, and much more. This is the cocktail section of the main Feed Feed Instagram profile, so if you’re hungry and thirsty and are looking to combine the perfect cocktail with a delicious meal, this is the perfect influencer for you.

14. Charles Joly

Charles distinguishes himself as an award-winning bartender, globally recognized for his work in the industry as the founder of Crafthouse Cocktails. His expertise and achievements draw his knowledge to Instagram and YouTube, and he’s currently contributing to sober-up culture while enjoying delicious cocktails with his favorite mocktails. 

15. Elliott Clark 

Elliott is unique for his focus on making cocktail culture approachable for the everyday person. He teaches techniques and shares recipes from his apartment, connecting with followers in an authentic and accessible way and making tips about accessible but delicious dinner options for families and couples. 

The importance of partnering with cocktail influencers

Think of each cocktail influencer as a unique content creator—original, passionate, and full of surprises. Partnering with them means inviting their followers to a taste of your brand through lively, engaging content that naturally showcases your products.

But here’s the cherry on top: They don’t just advertise your brand, they form a story around it that resonates with their audience. This promotes brand credibility and broadens your reach. Remember, it’s about nourishing a meaningful collaboration; those long-term relationships can greatly benefit your business, reaching new audiences you’ve only dreamed of.

Two delicious cocktails probably made by cocktail influencers

Steps to successful cocktail influencer partnerships

Consider the following best practices when dipping your toe into the realm of cocktail influencer partnerships:

    1. Set clear goals. Know what you hope to achieve with the influencer partnership. Regardless of your goal, heightened brand recognition, boosting visitors to your website, or more sales, your objectives should be clear, easy to track, realistic, relevant, and timely.
    2. Pick the right influencers. It’s not always about the hordes of followers. Rather than just focusing on the followers’ tally, look at who they are, what tickles their fancy, and how much they engage. Select influencers who think in the same way as you do. 
    3. Prioritize brand love. Authenticity adds the zing to your influencer marketing cocktail. Your customers are smart—they can tell between a heartfelt shout-out and a forced selling point. So, pair up with influencers who sync with your brand’s ethos and can blend your product naturally into their posts.
    4. Establish long-term relationships. Don’t view your influencer link-up as a simple business deal. Consider it a partnership where understanding deepens over time. As the influencer blends in better with your brand, their posts become more heartfelt, which means a better bang for your buck.
    5. Give creative freedom but set clear guidelines. Keep it clear with your influencer buddies—lay down the objectives and guidelines so they know the game plan. But always remember—let them do their thing! They understand their followers best. While they’re busy stirring up the perfect post, you can enjoy the sweet taste of a well-run influencer marketing mission.

Getting it rolling with cocktail influencer partnerships

Building strong bonds with influencers isn’t merely about sending bulk emails or texts advertising your brand. It asks for a smarter approach, which we’re excited to share. Here are some noteworthy tips:

Do your research.

Check if the influencer focusing on cocktails has a style, audience, and vibe that meshes well with your brand. Are their fans actively participating in discussions? Are their posts centered around cocktails? Thoroughly checking their content and levels of engagement is necessary. Their preferred social platform should be appealing to your followers as well.

Offer genuine value.

Influencers value their innovation and presentation style. A plain plug for your product may not get their attention (or their audience’s), so think about co-creating a special cocktail recipe or planning a web-based cocktail-making session. Strive to benefit not just the influencer but their followers, too.

Keep it real.

In the influencer marketing world, authenticity wins. Allowing influencers creative freedom helps the integration of your product feel natural while holding onto your brand’s essence. A lively cocktail class or a fresh brand launch must be and feel genuine. Aim to engage with what your audience and your partner’s fans find welcoming.

Key takeaway: Cocktail influencers are the straw that stirs the drink for your marketing campaign.

Teaming up with cocktail influencers requires balance. As these creative mixologists handle many collaboration approaches, your offer must display tact, be relative, and demonstrate authenticity for a win-win situation.Remember, influencer marketing is about creating meaningful connections with your audience through trusted and respected individuals. With these key takeaways, you are well-prepared to craft a successful influencer marketing strategy. To shake things up in your marketing game, why not get started with GRIN to have the perfect tools to mix a cocktail of success, one influential partnership at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Canadian wonder Jacob Martin seized the title of world’s best bartender after triumphing at the 2023 World Class Global Bartender of the Year contest. His exhilarating spins on classic drinks, alongside his bespoke gem, the “Ketel One Garnished with Good,” captivated the judges. Amidst fierce competition, with over 10,000 gifted bartenders across the globe, Martin’s ingenious panache and unparalleled skill catapulted him to the top.

The mastermind behind exceptional cocktail drinks is often labeled as a Mixologist. Distinct from a regular drink server, mixologists merge innovative culinary concepts and a profound grasp of cocktail heritage to cook up fresh, splendid elixirs. These professionals are cherished for their all-around industry knowledge and relentless drive to experiment with delightful drink creations.

While bartenders excel in deftly blending, adorning, and serving drinks to customers, mixologists delve deeper. These specialists produce and refine cocktails and other beverages by drawing on their profound understanding of drink chronicles and culinary intuition. By devising original blends and polishing enduring favorites, mixologists stir up a remarkable revolution in the realm of imaginative cocktail recipes. 

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