Best Celebrity Endorsements of 2023 and What We’ve Learned from Them

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Celebrity endorsements have been an advertising tradition for centuries. Seriously. In fact, the first celebrities to ever promote products were Roman gladiators who would recommend oils and wines to their fans. 

And over the past thousands of years, not much has changed. Brands still leverage the massive amount of love that celebrities have earned to build awareness, improve sentiment, and increase sales for their products or services.

However, just getting a random celebrity to be the face of your product won’t automatically lead to sales. Instead, brands should focus on stars who genuinely love their products, which will lead to authentic endorsements. Check out these 12 brands that have done it right with the best celebrity endorsements in 2023. 

Woman posing with perfume in an example of one of the best celebrity endorsements

The top celebrity ads we’ve seen so far this year

1. Jameson x Regina Hall

Earlier this year, Jameson Irish Whiskey successfully partnered with actress Regina Hall for St. Patrick’s Day. The Girls Trip actress collaborated with the brand to encourage fans to take the day off and celebrate the holiday. 

Through humorous videos directed by Lauren Palmigiano, Hall showcased how the custom Jameson “Desk Decoy” allowed her to navigate work while enjoying the festivities. Her genuine brand affinity for Jameson made the partnership a seamless fit and helped the brand reach a younger, more diverse audience. 

Additionally, the brand’s commitment to donating all Desk Decoy proceeds, and an additional $25,000 to the Restaurant Workers’ Community Fund reinforced their socially responsible collaboration.

2. Louis Vuitton x Rhianna

Just because you’re running a menswear campaign doesn’t mean promoting it is a man’s job. Just ask Pharrell Williams, who partnered with Rihanna for his first Louis Vuitton menswear campaign to promote the luxury brand’s new leather bag collection. 

As a global superstar and fashion influencer, her presence brought plenty of attention to the campaign. Being pregnant with her second child, Rihanna’s inclusion challenged traditional maternity fashion norms, showcasing bold and inimitable looks. This choice aligned with Williams’s creative vision beyond fashion, making a powerful statement about breaking barriers and embracing individuality.

3. Chanel x Timothée Chalamet

Chanel chose Timothée Chalamet as the face of its men’s fragrance, Bleu, to align with the evolving concept of masculinity in the beauty industry. Chalamet’s embrace of challenging gender norms in his roles and unique red-carpet style resonated with audiences craving a more fluid and inclusive era of style.  

The partnership tapped into the growing trend of male celebrities and influencers embracing beauty and grooming, with makeup and gender-neutral brands gaining traction. The appointment of Chalamet may drive growth in the competitive men’s fragrance market, which is expected to reach $19.6 billion by 2025. Chanel’s early adoption of makeup for men further reflects the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and self-expression.

4. Versace x Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa recently collaborated with Donatella Versace to co-design Versace’s ‘La Vacanza’ collection, a high summer, holiday-inspired line. As a longtime friend of Versace, Dua Lipa’s star power and genuine affinity for the brand add credibility and excitement to the collection. 

For Versace, this collaboration represented a strategic move to appeal to a broader audience, tapping into Dua Lipa’s global influence and popularity in the music industry. By combining fashion and music, Versace gained exposure to Dua Lipa’s dedicated fan base. At the same time, the pop superstar got to fulfill her dream of designing and empowering women through her collaboration with the fashion powerhouse.

5. Under Armour x Steph Curry

Under Armour’s partnership with Steph Curry is another win-win deal for both parties. For one, Curry gets to design his own signature basketball shoe line, which has become a major hit for the brand. 

But it’s not just about the shoes. Curry also gets stock options from the company, tethering his success to the company’s. 

On the flip side, Under Armour gets an all-time great on their team, which boosts credibility among basketball lovers and helps the brand compete in a tough sportswear market. 

Overall, Curry’s collaboration with Under Armour goes beyond a typical athlete endorsement, showcasing a true partnership that benefits both parties and has contributed to his influence as an athlete and fashion icon.

6. LOEWE x Aubrey Plaza

Coming off a wildly popular second season of White Lotus, Aubrey Plaza partnered with LOEWE to promote its pre-fall 2023 clothing line. Aside from its gripping storyline and unforgettable cast, White Lotus was known for showcasing chic summer looks that inspired viewers worldwide. LOEWE’s partnership with Plaza served as the perfect match to keep the trends flowing into the summer season. 

7. Dior x Robert Pattinson

In a recent campaign, Robert Pattinson continued his long-standing partnership with Dior Homme Sport as one of their most popular brand ambassadors. This time, The Batman star embodied the image of a boxer, effortlessly portraying the essence of an active, intense, and strong man that Dior Homme Sport wants to represent. 

8. SKIMS x Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s partnership with SKIMS goes beyond just being a co-founder. She is also the face of the brand and actively promotes its products through her social media channels and other marketing campaigns. Being a highly influential figure with a massive following on platforms like Instagram, Kim’s involvement significantly contributed to SKIMS’ early success and popularity.

With her influence and status in the fashion and entertainment industry, Kim has helped SKIMS gain substantial brand recognition and a strong customer base. Additionally, her focus on promoting body positivity and inclusivity aligns with SKIMS’ core values, further enhancing the brand’s appeal to a wide range of consumers.

9. Coach x Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has been a Coach brand ambassador for years, making her a no-brainer for its recent Mother’s Day campaign. Lopez’s iconic status as a pop superstar, beauty entrepreneur, and mom resonated perfectly with the campaign’s mission to celebrate a mother’s strength and nurturing that helps children thrive.

The campaign’s garden-inspired photo shoot showcased Lopez’s natural grace and elegance, while her heartfelt insights about parenting and passing down learned lessons further strengthened the connection with Coach’s audience. Overall, the partnership beautifully captureed the essence of motherhood and the bond shared by moms everywhere.

10. Mint Mobile x Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds acquired a 25% ownership stake in Mint Mobile in 2019 and became its pitchman, starring in witty and self-aware commercials in the Canadian actor’s signature style. His active involvement and creative approach have helped Mint Mobile stand out in the competitive mobile industry and contributed to increased visibility and brand recognition. 

In the ad featured above, Mint Mobile used a pre-game commercial during the Super Bowl to showcase its “Mintier” approach. Instead of spending millions on a game-time ad, Mint saved costs by airing an “upside-down” version of an old ad at an earlier time slot, reaching a massive audience without the hefty price tag. The visually attention-grabbing ad successfully highlighted their savings-focused strategy while still standing out on a day filled with high-production value spots.

11. Fabletics x Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart and Fabletics have been a match made in heaven for years. The comedian, businessman, and workout junkie is all about fitness and comfort, making his signature apparel lines a home run for the brand. Hart regularly appears on Fabletics’ social media channels, showcasing the products in action and providing some valuable social proof for the brand. 

12. Ring x Michael B. Jordan

Ring took advantage of the hype surrounding the Creed III release earlier this year by securing a creative partnership with the film’s star, Michael B. Jordan. The smart doorbell company tapped the actor to provide pre-recorded greetings as his Creed III character, Adonis, that customers can download as responses for guests ringing their doorbell. 

So how can small brands compete without celebrity endorsements?

Very few brands can afford to add a celebrity to their ambassador team, but that doesn’t mean small businesses can’t see the same results! Brands with small budgets can work with nano, micro, and macro creators to leverage the trust they’ve built with their fans. In fact, because they have fewer followers than a mega influencer or celebrity, they have more time to thoroughly engage with their fans, leading to more authentic connections. 

Key takeaway on the best celebrity ads of this year: Partner with celebs to harness the power of earned media and major fan love. 

Celebrities are known for having loyal fan bases who will go out of their way to support them. So when brands partner with these beloved figures to promote products they really use and truly love, businesses can see major returns. 

And since celebrities and their comings and goings are huge parts of pop culture, brands are sure to get a lot of earned media for campaigns featuring people’s favorite stars. 

But don’t stress if hiring Kim Kardashian for your campaign is way out of budget. Finding the right creators for your business (whether they’re nano influencers or mega) can help you harness those authentic connections and drive some major brand love.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Celebrity endorsements are when a famous person appears in an ad or recommends a product or a service. This can often lead to an increase in brand awareness, a boost in sentiment, and a rise in sales.  

The best celebrity endorsements work by leveraging a star’s genuine brand love to promote products or services they actually use. When they do this, their loyal fans will often support the celebrity by trying out whatever they recommend. 

An example of a celebrity endorsement is H.E.R. becoming L’Oreal Paris’ global ambassador and promoting their hair and makeup products through commercials and other marketing content. 

Some of the most common types of celebrity endorsements are commercials, brand ambassador partnerships, and real-life sightings of a celebrity using a product or service. 

When celebrities showcase their love for a business and their products or services, their loyal fans will often support them and make their own purchases. Partnering with celebrities is also a great way to get earned media in which publications, blogs, and more discuss the collaboration. 

There is no one “best” celebrity endorsement. The key is to find a celebrity who will work within your budget and aligns with your target audience. If the celebrity you choose genuinely loves your brand and aligns with your mission and values, you can rest assured you have a good endorsement on your hands. 

No one actor holds the title for most endorsements. However, there are a number of actors known for having numerous high-profile endorsement deals, including, Dwayne Johnson, George Clooney, and Jennifer Anniston, to name a few. 

Your budget is the first thing to consider when choosing a celebrity endorsement. High-profile names generally command a high-profile price tag, so a celebrity partnership probably isn’t for you if you aren’t willing to fork over the cash. 

However, if you have room in the budget, look for a celebrity whose lifestyle resonates with your target audience. From there, pick one who is already familiar with your brand and product so they can provide genuine product recommendations to their fans.

Celebrity endorsements are worth it if you can justify the cost. Having a big-time name endorse your product can lead to massive brand awareness and provide the social proof you need to take your brand to the next level. 

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Written by Quinn Schwartz

Quinn studied journalism at the University of Kentucky and now lives in Portland, Oregon. He’s particularly interested in storytelling in digital marketing and cost-effective creator strategies for smaller brands. When he’s not writing, you can find him at a concert, dog park, or debating whether or not to go on a run.

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