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Communicate with creators and your team all within GRIN. Get everyone on the same page and keep them there—thanks to GRIN’s seamless integrations with all email tools, including Gmail, Outlook, or your preferred provider. GRIN brings it under one roof, so every email between your team and creators lives in one place.

Feature Overview

Email Scheduling

  • Restrict email send times
  • Schedule emails

Email Dashboard

  • Displays scheduled emails
  • Displays failed emails
  • User has the option to manually re-send

Email Organization

  • Native email provider folders/labels
  • Syncing folders/labels with email provider
  • Archiving/restore from archive
  • Gmail integration – ability to “star” threads

Filter By

  • Email received date
  • Email sent date
  • Email status
  • Unread
  • Read
  • Labels/folders
  • Contact type

Email Templates

  • Ability to duplicate templates
  • Ability to archive templates

Email Sequences

  • Ability to archive sequences
  • Ability to duplicate sequences

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