A Complete Guide to TikTok Content Categories

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With 1 billion monthly active users, it may seem like TikTok is too large to reach the right audience for your brand. But the beauty of this app is that it allows communities of like-minded individuals to flourish, whether they’re brought together by their job, identity, hobbies, or something else entirely. 

And within these smaller communities, brands can reach super-targeted audiences and partner with creators to tailor their messaging to hit close to home with their viewers. 

But with so many communities to choose from, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the largest TikTok content categories to help inspire you and your influencer marketing program. 

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What is AdviceTok? 

AdviceTok is your go-to place when you have questions, aren’t sure what to do with your life, or just need some comforting words. The advice could be as deep as tips on how to address burnout or have a healthy, loving relationship, while other times, it’s more light, like how putting honey on a blemish can cause it to disappear. 

AdviceTok marketing 

AdviceTok is a great place for brands to promote their products that help solve a certain problem in someone’s life, which opens a wide range of possibilities. For example, a company selling planners could partner with a creator who offers career or organizational advice, while a skincare brand would work with a popular creator who discusses the best products for different conditions. 

The possibilities really are endless when it comes to AdviceTok. 

For example, NAPA Auto Parts partnered with @dadadvicefrombo to provide his helpful and kind ‘dad advice’ on how to take care of your car with supplies from their shops. 


#ad How to change your air filter and add a gas additive for better MPG. Love, Dad. #NAPAPartner #TeamNAPA #cartok #cartips

♬ original sound – DadAdviceFromBo


What is ArtTok? 

ArtTok is a place where visual artists come together to showcase their work, share their process, provide tips and tricks, educate their followers, and offer soothing process videos. Whether your preferred medium is painting, digital art, or sculpture, there’s a place for you on ArtTok. 

ArtTok marketing 

Naturally, it makes sense for art supply manufacturers and craft shops to partner with ArtTok creators to showcase their products. That doesn’t mean other types of brands can’t get involved, though. They just need to get creative—and there’s no better place to do that than ArtTok. 

Amazon partnered with creators to showcase art supplies people can find on the site, as well as highlight their Prime Day Sale. Artists like @malleryjaneart and @artista_payal_ provided their professional opinions on the best products to buy for beginners, adding a nice level of social proof to encourage conversions. 


What is BeautyTok? 

BeautyTok is the place to be if you love skincare, makeup, hair care, and a great mani/pedi. From tutorials to product reviews to conversational ‘get ready with me’ (#GRWM) content, BeautyTok visitors will find everything they need to feel stunning. 

Just like a lot of TikTok communities, BeautyTok has quite a few sub-communities, including: 

BeautyTok marketing 

IPSY, a monthly beauty product subscription, partners with BeautyTok creators to promote their Glam Bags. With multiple new products to show off regularly, creators often do unboxing videos, review the items in their bags, or even calculate how much money they saved from using IPSY. 


How I got $180 worth of makeup for $25 using @ipsy 😌✨ #IPSY #IPSYpartner #AD #IPSYTakeABreak #FYP

♬ original sound – Julianna Astrid


What is BookTok? 

BookTok is a place for readers to find their newest obsession, talk about their favorite books, and build a sense of community around their love for literature. Whether you’re looking at more general recommendations with BookTok or you get more granular with a niche community like #CookBookTok, #ThrillerTok, or #NonFicTok, you’re sure to find new stories to add to your TBR list.  

BookTok marketing 

Publishers, bookstores, and even specialty services (like book clubs) can partner with creators to build brand awareness and increase sales. Take, for example, Book of the Month. This book subscription service allows customers to pick a story each month to have sent straight to their door at a discount, and they partner with BookTok creators to get the message out. Book of the Month even gives them affiliate links to further encourage posting and track their results. 


there is literally nothing better #BOTM @bookofthemonth #bookish #reading #reader #books #bookrecs AD

♬ Che La Luna – Louis Prima


What is CookTok? 

Not to be confused with BookTok or even CookBookTok, CookTok is a community of home and pro chefs alike. They share recipes, take viewers along for the ride as they cook a meal, and even react to other people’s cooking videos. You can also find a lot of CookTok creators on #RecipeTok

CookTok marketing 

While there are some obvious verticals that can (and should!) partner with CookTok creators, like food manufacturers, cookbook distributors, and cooking appliance manufacturers, other brands can get involved too! 

Campbell’s, the beloved soup company, knew they had to build awareness for their new FlavorUp! cooking concentrates when they launched, so they reached out to CookTok creators to showcase how they use the flavorings to elevate their favorite recipes. 


#ad Who knew one little bottle could save time and money in the kitchen!? @campbellsflavorupcooking Concentrate is my kitchen secret! Recipe in my comments. #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt #campbellsflavorup #DinnerTok

♬ original sound – Charisse Yu


What is DanceTok? 

TikTok is famous for its dances, so it only makes sense that there’s a whole community dedicated to them on the app. With professionals and amateurs alike trying out the latest trends and showing off their skills, DanceTok is always entertaining. 

DanceTok marketing 

Just about any brand can partner with DanceTok creators, whether it’s an athletic apparel company, a studio, or a record label looking to promote new music. 

Dunkin’ knew that Charli D’Amelio, a DanceTok superstar, loved its coffee, so the team hatched a way to make her authentic brand love go viral. Together, they turned Charli’s signature order into a menu item, created a song promoting it, and had Charli choreograph a viral dance that everyone would be copying. 


Song is straight 🔥. Show us your moves to ‘The Charli’ while you drink ‘The Charli’- using #CharliRunsOnDunkin @charlidamelio #dunkin

♬ The Charli – Dunkin’


What is DIYTok? 


the feminine urge to make everything instead of buying it bec u were raised asian/filipino lol #diy #wallart #diywallart #wallartdecor #diytiktok #homedecor #plasterart #plaster #hometiktok #decortiktok #diytiktok

♬ Yasashi – CXSPER

Similar to ArtTok, DIYTok is where makers go to show off their skills and share tutorials with their fans. While ArtTok focuses more on fine arts, DIYTok encompasses everything from crafting to home renovations to furniture building and everything in between. 

DIYTok marketing 

DIYTok is a great place to find creators to work with if you offer art and crafting supplies, hardware, educational resources, and more! For example, HTV Ront, a heat-transfer vinyl brand, partnered with creators to showcase how makers can use their supplies to create fun and practical crafts. 


What is FashionTok? 


team 🖤💀⛓ or team 💖🧸✨? Comment yours 🫶 OUTFITS ON MY LTK ‼️ #fashion #fashiontok #ootd #outfit #style #aesthetic #inspo #thisorthat

♬ F R E K im a movie i should be on replay – ridewitemm

FashionTok is the place to be if you want to find outfit inspo, the perfect way to style a new clothing piece, or just discover your personal style in general. Popular trends in FashionTok include showcasing Gen Z v. millennial fashion, sharing thrifting finds and try-on hauls, and posting #GRWM videos.  

FashionTok marketing 

Apparel and accessory brands can find super authentic brand partners on FashionTok. 


📣 This just in: the @Converse Chuck De Luxe Heels are a season must-have ❤️‍🔥 Tune in to the Converse page for the next sneaker heat report 🔥 #converse #converseheels #fashiontok #outfitinspo

♬ original sound – Vanessa Chen

Converse finds the line between FashionTok and SneakerheadTok to discover the best creators to showcase inspo outfits with a highly interested audience. 

But that doesn’t mean only fashion and apparel companies can find great creators within this community. Brands like Barbie, SpiderTech, and Tanologist have also discovered their place on FashionTok. 


What is FitTok? 


Replying to @cats_n_techno The amount of comments that said this is in reverse 😭 does this look more teal then? This is in reverse 🤣 #fittok #gymtok #dragonsquat #pistolsquat

♬ original sound – Hoops Nation | Sports

FitTok is a TikTok-based fitness community where beginners, personal trainers, and pro athletes alike can share tips and tricks, workouts, updates, meal plans, favorite products, and more. It’s the perfect place to go for inspiration, motivation, and your new favorite workout routine. 

FitTok marketing 

Gyms, online fitness classes, supplement brands, athletic apparel companies, and equipment businesses can benefit from partnering with FitTok creators. For example, Athletic Greens, a company selling a nutrition and gut health supplement, works with FitTokkers to discuss the benefits they see from drinking a glass of AG1 a day. 


#ad Can’t imagine starting my morning any other way than with AG1 🌿 #ad #healthyliving #healthyhabits #fitnesstok @athleticgreens

♬ original sound – Nicole the Nomad


What is KidTok? 

KidTok is a combination of kid-friendly content and family and parenting content. It has everything from funny videos to parenting advice to toy reviews. 

KidTok marketing 

Marketing on KidTok can be a little difficult. First, it’s a mixture of content meant for kids and videos for parents, so you might want to focus on specific hashtags to reach the right audience.

You also have to be careful because kids are seen as a vulnerable population, and people may react negatively toward people advertising to kids. For example, the American Academy of Pediatrics published a study on kid influencers promoting unhealthy foods and called for the FTC to “strengthen regulations regarding product placement … featuring young children.” 

TekyGo! Is one of the brands succeeding on KidTok. It partners with parents to showcase its online game subscription and indoor trampolines, as well as the benefits they can have for kids. These ads get kids excited about trying the product and provide useful information for the parents, reaching both audiences on KidTok. 


What is MovieTok? 

Much like BookTok, MovieTok is the place where cinema fans get together to discuss their favorite movies, review them, and make recommendations to their followers. There are sub-communities within MovieTok for all major genres, including: 

However, these communities will have other content, like videos about movies and books, as well as other more general videos, so they aren’t as focused on film as MovieTok is. 

MovieTok marketing  

MovieTok is the ideal place to promote new films, whether they’ll be gracing the silver screen or coming straight to your favorite streaming service. After all, you’re reaching a group of people looking for their next watch. 

Apple TV+ partnered with MovieTok creators to promote their new release, Fall. They provided a brief synopsis of the movie, shared clips of it to grab attention, and encouraged people to stream the film. 


This survivor/thriller was just released on @Apple TV+ and wherever you buy movies. Loved this one. #thriller #thrillermovie #movie #movietok #movierecommendation #ad #survival #greenscreen

♬ A somewhat creepy and sad atmosphere music box – MoppySound


What is MusicTok? 


this playlist is not for the faint of heart you have been warned #scorpio #scorpioseason #musictok #spotifyplaylist #greenscreen

♬ original sound – Sam Weisband

If you love discovering the history of your favorite songs or are looking for new music to jam out to, MusicTok is the place to be. Scroll through the videos for a few minutes, and you’ll be sure to find artists teasing their next release, people sharing their themed playlists, and creators talking about little-known musicians that you should definitely listen to. 

MusicTok marketing 

Artists and record labels can partner with leading creators on MusicTok to promote new music. Streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music can also get in on the fun and share promotions with music aficionados on the platform. 

Amazon Music partnered with MusicTok creators to showcase the streaming service’s highlights and encourage people to try it out with a 3-month free trial. Amazon Music gave the creator affiliate links to share this promotion, so the team could track the success of the influencer marketing program. 


What is NurseTok? 

NurseTok is a community of nurses who talk about everything from health tips to the struggles of working in the healthcare field. This community on TikTok gained popularity during 2020 and 2021 as people dealt with the pandemic and learned about vaccinations. 

There is a larger community of all medical professionals on TikTok, but the nurses have truly become some of the biggest breakout stars on the app. 

NurseTok marketing 

NurseTok influencer marketing is most popular among brands selling products and services to help nurses do their job and companies selling health and wellness-related products that want to build credibility and brand awareness. 

Goli Nutrition partnered with nurses to promote their line of supplements and highlight the ingredients and benefits of each. By having medical professionals endorse the product, they earned a lot of credibility and built trust with consumers. 


What is ParentTok? 

ParentTok is the place for parents to go to get advice about raising children, hear stories from people going through the same thing, and even share funny stories with others who understand. You’ll find parents of all ages, whether they’re currently caring for their toddlers or trying to rein in their teenagers. 

ParentTok marketing

There are a wide variety of companies partnering with ParentTok creators to build brand awareness and drive conversions among parents, from apps to childcare brands to self-care companies. 

Epic!, a digital library for kids, partners with ParentTok creators to showcase the benefits of a subscription for both parents and kids. From keeping the kiddos entertained with educational content to giving parents some time for themselves, these influencers teach viewers why they should sign up. 


Anyone else have kids following you everywhere? Celebrate #nationalparentsdayoff with a free month of @epicforkids ! Link in bio, DAYOFF22 #momtok #ad

♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz


What is PetTok? 


PetTok is possibly the cutest community on TikTok, with creators showcasing their dogs, cats, cows, and even skunks and possums. From humorous content to training, safety, and enrichment advice, PetTok has everything an owner needs to keep their favorite creatures happy and well. 

PetTok marketing 

PetTok is the perfect place for pet supply companies to reach their target audience. However, you also have to keep in mind that a lot of people watch PetTok to look at cute animals and may not have a pet themselves, so these creators may not have a super-targeted audience. 

Natural Dog Company partners with PetTok creators to showcase the benefits of their dog supplements, balms, grooming supplies, and more. The videos often showcase a dog loving the taste of the product while its owner lists the benefits of giving it to their furry friend. 


What is PlantTok?

PlantTok is the place to showcase your green thumb. Amateurs and pros alike flock to the community to share advice, showcase their indoor and outdoor gardens, and discuss their love for plants. 

PlantTok marketing

PlantTok is a super niche community, which means that most people who stumble upon it are highly interested in plants. This is a great opportunity for marketers. Whether you’re a brand selling seeds and sprouts themselves, cute accessories, or necessary supplies, you’re sure to find an engaged audience on PlantTok.  

MiracleGro partners with creators to showcase just how easy it is to start a garden (and a lifelong obsession with plants) with their beginner-friendly products. And with the PlantTok experts to answer all your questions and provide tutorials, nothing is stopping you from achieving the green space of your dreams. 


#ad What big plant are you repotting this spring? 🪴 @Miracle-Gro #monsterarepot #repot #miraclegro

♬ original sound – Nicole Larson


What is PrankTok? 

PrankTok is a community of practical jokers and goofballs who film reactions to their pranks in order to make their viewers smile. 

PrankTok marketing 

The majority of people come to PrankTok to laugh and forget everything else for a while, so overt ads typically don’t perform well. However, some subtle product placements in a prankster’s content can build brand awareness and drive desire. 

For example, Bang Energy has PrankTok creators keep a can of their energy drinks in the shot while they perform and record their pranks. 


I feel so bad but his face is priceless😂 #fyp #funny #love #couplegoals #prank #bangenergy #ad @bangenergy @bangenergy.ceo

♬ original sound – Jaylin & Makayla💕


What is QueerTok? 

QueerTok is a TikTok-based community for members of the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as allies. They post about everything from comedic glances into their life, discussions about their struggles, ways to stand up for the LGBTQIA+ community, and more.  

QueerTok marketing 

When marketing to any marginalized group, you need to be careful with your ads, especially if you don’t have anyone from the community on your team. Sometimes, well-intentioned campaigns can offend if the right people aren’t involved. That’s where creators come in. 

As members of the community they’re speaking to, these creators can develop thoughtful endorsements that capture the benefits of your product or service for their audience.

On the other hand, QueerTok is also a great place to advertise things that are meant only for queer people. For example, Her does a great job of partnering with QueerTok creators to reach its desired audience. Her is a lesbian, queer, and bi dating app, and the team partners with QueerTok creators to share their stories that came from using the app. 


And I wonder why I’m single… Download the Her app, the link is in my bio! #lgbtq #lgbtsingle #queer #ad @hersocialapp

♬ original sound – Marissa Wilkes


What is SelfCareTok? 

SelfCareTok is a community of people who post about their self-care practices and show people how to find a sense of calm amidst the rush of life. Some creators focus on skincare and routines, while others teach about meditation, therapy, journaling, and more. 

SelfCareTok marketing

If you have a product designed to help people find peace or grow in positive ways, SelfCareTok is the perfect place to reach new audiences. 

Aveeno partners with SelfCareTok creators to showcase how its lotion and skin products fit perfectly into a person’s mindfulness routine. The creators discuss the benefits of using the lotions and why they love them. 


What is SportsTok? 

SportsTok is an online community full of athletic highlights (both pro and amateur), funny videos, and advice for people looking to get started or move forward in different activities. 

SportsTok marketing 

Just like FitTok, SportsTok is a great place for gym equipment companies, supplement brands, and athletic apparel businesses to promote their products. Brands can also get an instant credibility boost through social proof if they partner with people known for their skills. 

JOLYN is a swimwear and athletic apparel company that partners with collegiate athletes to promote their products and build a community around the brand. Victoria Unger, influencer marketing coordinator at JOLYN, joined us for an episode of the GRIN Gets Real podcast and offered this advice: 

“I would say that as far as collegiate goes with the new NIL rules, I would say that’s kind of taken off like a wildfire. You know, you have these “novice” athletes that—they want to be there. They want to play these sports. And for them, [a brand partnership] is—this is a huge opportunity.”


#ad DISCOUNT CODE: BELLAAAA_SMITHHH10 ⭐️ @jolynclothing #JOLYN #JOLYNCollegiate #sponsored #fyp

♬ HOT & SPICY SALSA – Jaycee Mante


What is TVTok? 

Just as we have discussed BookTok, MovieTok, and MusicTok, it’s time to discuss TVTok. This community is full of people looking to discuss their favorite shows, find new ones to watch, and review their latest obsessions. 

TikTok logo to symbolize TikTok content categories

TVTok marketing 

TVTok is an ideal place for networks and streaming services to promote their latest shows, manufacturers to highlight the specs of their latest TVs, and food companies to showcase their latest binge-worthy snack. 

Nickelodeon partners with TVTok creators to build hype around its latest nostalgia-fueled shows like All That and Are You Afraid of the Dark? Whether they’re leaning into familiar theme songs that will unlock a long-forgotten memory or dissecting the latest episode, these creators are driving interest in the shows and getting people to tune in. 


#ad I was glued to the edge of my seat for the entire finale. Rewatch #AreYouAfraidOfTheDark? Ghost Island on @Nickelodeon #tvrecap #tvtok #ghoststories #horrortok

♬ original sound – Bobbi 📺

Key takeaway on TikTok content categories: There’s a community for everyone on TikTok. 

Whether you’re into plants or pets, movies or TV, or something else entirely, there’s likely to be a thriving community of like-minded individuals on TikTok. And this is great news for advertisers looking to reach highly engaged (and targeted) audiences. 

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to find your community on TikTok. 

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Updated: July 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are a lot of categories on TikTok. Some focus on a hobby, while others center on a type of identity or profession. These categories include BookTok, NurseTok, QueerTok, PetTok, and much, much more. 

Creators tend to categorize their content on TikTok with specific hashtags, like #BookTok or #NurseTok. TikTok will also do some of the work in categorizing the content, with its AI picking up on different phrases and sounds to help figure out who would most enjoy the videos.

BookTok content tends to be the most popular on the app, garnering a ton of views and generating a lot of sales for authors, publishers, and bookstores. 

BookTok is the largest category on TikTok, with 86.4 billion views as of 10/31/22. 

All kinds of videos can and do go viral on TikTok, but the main thing they all have in common is that they evoke a certain emotion, whether it’s joy, anger, desire, or something else entirely. 

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Written by Sarah Conrad

Originally from San Antonio, Sarah studied advertising at the University of Houston and decided to stay in the city upon graduation. She is particularly interested in SEO for social media platforms and tracking the latest influencer content trends. When she's not putting pen to paper, she's baking, painting, or hanging out with her dog.

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