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Welcome to the GRIN gets real podcast, the show for people who want to maximize their marketing potential. From influencer marketing to eCommerce strategy and everything in between, each episode will feature industry experts that share their insights and provide actionable tips to help you achieve your marketing goals. Subscribe and stay tuned!


Leveraging PR with Influencer Marketing

In this episode:

Bonnie Taylor

Vice President Strategy & Communications at Talent Resources

Bonnie Taylor is a public relations specialist and vice president of strategy and communications at Talent Resources—a celebrity-driven influencer marketing agency providing clients with custom, fully integrated social media campaigns. Last year, Bonnie spearheaded the agency’s new communications division, which now represents major brands, including Hemper, Payless, Ohza, Skinny Mixes, and more. 

Bonnie formerly worked in consumer PR where she partnered on various campaigns with celebrity influencers like Rob Gronkowski, Jojo Siwa, and David Ortiz. Her PR background gives her a unique perspective on how brands can improve their messaging to create more authentic influencer marketing campaigns.

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It’s not always audience size that matters most.

“I want the hyperlocal micro influencers who might only have about 50,000 followers, but they have like a 12% engagement rate. Guess what? They are going to give you the traffic, the numbers, the conversions that are going to prove that you should expand your reach. So it isn’t always these huge megastars that make an impact on your bottom line.”
Audience size matters little when it comes to collaborating with influencers. Smaller creators who have an authentic connection with their target audience and a genuine love for the brands they promote are often the most effective when it comes to producing content that resonates with target audiences and drives conversions. 

How to amplify your work with creators

Breakdown of the GRIN Gets Real podcast: Season 2, Episode 12

“Your digital program has to be locked up. More people are spending their time online than ever before. You can go to one powerful influencer and pay them for a post, and you could potentially have 3 million impressions in 24 hours.”
Winning brands understand that influencer marketing alone isn’t enough to accomplish all of their goals in today’s creator economy. To be successful, they need a comprehensive approach that leverages experts from various fields who can help tell their brand story and get their products and services in front of the right audiences.  In this episode, you will learn: 
  • The advantage of leveraging PR with influencer marketing 
  • How brands can amplify their work with creators 
  • The best types of creators to work with on influencer marketing campaigns
  • What brands should know before combining PR with influencer marketing
  • Must-have strategies for today’s top brands

Quotes from the Episode

Leveraging PR with Influencer Marketing 1

“I think the influencers and creators will continue to evolve and really dictate what people are doing, choosing, using. We’ve seen the rise of TikTok and we’ve seen it happen with Twitch. It’s about solidifying platforms and growing audiences on them.” “One shift we saw last year was less need for the ‘glam squad’ and more people just being real and genuine. And I think that is going to continue on the celebrity influencer side. Whether they lose their audience or they gain a new one, that’s going to continue to evolve because they understand their personal brand of who they are and what they need and what their audience actually engages with.” “Something you have to have in place is your entire marketing plan for the year. If you don’t have key moments in time and milestones set out for each quarter, you’re late to the game.” “People are smarter now more than ever, and it’s only going to continue now when you add that #sponsored. If you don’t really love that product, it’s going to be more and more transparent the more these organic things are happening. I think the realness is really going to start coming through.”



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