Support the entire marketing team.

You’ve just made life easier for everyone in the marketing department. And your team leads are going to love you for it. 

Supercharge your social strategy.

Collaborate with influencers on thumb-stopping content that doesn’t break the bank. With GRIN, you can give your audience the content it craves while reducing social media content spend by up to 40%.

Don’t stress about finding brand-aligned creators. Our multi-channel discovery solution combines powerful on-demand and always-on tools to guide your search for the perfect partners.

Easily manage creator relationships, track communication, and analyze performance—all from a single dashboard.

Measure the success of your content, creators, and overall program with on-demand reporting and analytics. 

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Join the new era of Paid Media.

Pair influencer content with paid advertising for the ultimate one-two punch. Put dollars behind your highest-performing content and make marketing magic on your next creator licensing campaign

View all creator content in an organized library. Easily search for the exact piece you want to repurpose in your next paid ad.

Turn creator content into Spark Ads to deliver personalized messaging through hyper-targeted advertising. 

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Leverage creator content throughout the customer journey.

Breathe new life into your content marketing strategy. Supplement each customer touchpoint with creator content to nurture a cohesive brand experience and increase engagement. 

Organize your creator content in a searchable library. Repurpose your favorite pieces on your website, blog, marketing emails, and more.

Send your click-through rates through the roof. Connect GRIN to your email provider to add creator content of your choice to your messages.

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Turn one-time customers into brand loyalists.

Influencers carry the social proof needed to keep fans loyal for the long haul. Leverage them to facilitate customer feedback loops and deliver exclusive promotions. 

Generate affiliate links and discount codes at scale so your creators always have a little something special for their audience.

Connect GRIN with your email provider and incorporate user-generated content into your retargeting strategy. By showcasing real people enjoying your products, you’ll help build trust and long-term relationships with your customers. 

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