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GRIN is an influencer marketing software that offers a payment solution within its platform. This solution enables brands to deposit funds into their GRIN account and utilize them to compensate the creators they collaborate with.

When companies utilize GRIN’s in-platform payment system, businesses are able to easily track and report transactions. GRIN also provides US-based creators 1099s in January each year. This allows marketers to scale their influencer marketing efforts while limiting work for their finance team.

Tax Form FAQs
Tax Forms 1

Content creators that earn more than $600 with one agency or brand will get a 1099-NEC. For those that make less than $600, they still need to report the income to the government but they don’t need a 1099. All content creators who earn money during the year in the United States will also need to fill out a standard 1040. Content creators who are non-residents of the US who get an income from US brands will also need a 1042.

All 1099 and 1042s forms will come from GRIN.

Creators can contact support at [email protected].

Creators 1099’s will be issued in January. Creators 1042-S forms will be issued in March.

Our system sends creators their tax forms to whatever email they used in their W-9 or W-8BEN.

The email will include a link, and the creator must verify their email address.

No, all creators working with multiple brands within GRIN will receive one 1099 from GRIN. Creators are not typically employees of the brands in which they market products, so they will not receive a W-2 for the earnings and we will not withold taxes on their behalf.

US Creators must have earnings of at least $600 or have been selected to have withholdings in the calendar year to receive a 1099.

Note: Earnings only include payments made within the platform, not offline payments or product gifting.

1099s are US-specific, international creators would not receive 1099s. Instead, they would receive 1042-S forms.

Because tax forms are private and creators often work with multiple brands, individual brands cannot get a copy.

The creators determine what the IRS witholds when filling out their W-9s or W-8BENs.

To edit tax information, creators must update their existing W-9s or W-8BENs.

Because 1099s are official forms, you cannot retroactively change the information, but they can be voided and re-issued.

Please escalate any issues up to CSE (Customer Success iirc).

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