Influencers Talking Brands - What makes them say yes?!

With the spending on influencer marketing rising by 33% in this year alone, along with the continued growth, brands who never thought to leverage influencers to share their brand story are being forced to think twice.

Hosted by Katya Allison

December 08, 2021 at 10AM PT/ 1PM ET


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So how does a brand know what to do?

In our upcoming fireside chat, this is our chance to hear it from top creators in lifestyle, food, and finance on what makes them say yes to brand partnerships. We will learn from them on the best outreach, discuss budgets, explore content creation, and really dive into the business of being a creator.

We aim to explore:

  • The biggest challenges creators are facing right now.
  • The best approach to reaching out to creators.
  • Understanding the value of a relationship approach to their business.
  • What goes into setting creator rates.
  • And more!
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Influencers Talking Brands - What makes them say yes?!

Hosted by Katya Allison
Director of Marketing Content at
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