2023 Influencer Marketing Predictions

2023 Influencer Marketing Predictions 1

Rachel Davidson

2023 Influencer Marketing Predictions 2

Sarah Crow

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Caroline Stern

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Rebecca Beach

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Kristen Gioscia

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Katya Allison

Dec 14 2022, 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET

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Main Discussions

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In our live conversation, we aim to explore:
  • How niche audiences can drive gifting campaigns  
  • The shift of social platforms to include live shopping 
  • Why authenticity is essential for partnerships 
  • How the rise of UGC creators could impact a brands marketing strategy 
  • Key success metrics to consider with creators
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Hosted by Katya Allison

Director of Marketing Content at

2023 Influencer Marketing Predictions 6
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Cancel culture, UGC creators, and Gen Z were some of influencer marketing’s hot topics in 2022, but what does this mean for 2023? GRIN’s Influencer Strategists, who have combined 25+ years of experience in developing and executing influencer marketing programs, will share their key learnings from this year and 2023 influencer marketing predictions. We will dive into how brands need to adjust their marketing strategy, where the creator economy could be shifting, and the future of influencer marketing with the transition into web3.

Dec 14 2022, 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET

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