Influencer Relationship Management.

All the tools you need to build less transactional, more authentic relationships with creators who genuinely ❤️ your brand.

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“We utilize GRIN as an influencer CRM to manage and track the entire influencer marketing program.”

– Greg Connolly, CEO and Co-founder at Trifecta

A single creator communications hub

So. Many. Emails. Creator relationships are built on communication. GRIN brings it all under one roof so every message between your team and creators lives in one place. We integrate seamlessly with all your platforms, including Gmail, Slack, and Outlook. You can even import existing contacts and previous communication from way back when.

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Build & nurture lasting relationships

Real brand ambassadors aren’t one-night stands; they’re long-term loves. GRIN gives you all the tools to nurture those enduring marketing relationships, including tailored email sequences and the ability to track opens, clicks, and replies.

Create long-term partnerships.

Partnerships are the next level of influencer relationship marketing—the step you take when you find that truly special someone. Create, share, and manage one-on-one promotions, complete with deliverable tracking, product management, contracts, and much more.

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Tools for every stage of the relationship

Influencer relationship management can quickly get complicated as you field applicants and court prospects while also caring for your long-term favorites. GRIN helps you handle it all in one HQ, with filtering options such as audience report, sequence stage, or network reach.

Use your influencer content everywhere

GRIN covers your media content rights for all creator-produced content. You’re free to display, share, edit, and reuse it anywhere in your influencer marketing mix, from your website to display ads. Go nuts.

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Great Experience All-Around!!!

It is essential to have GRIN as it keeps everything up to date with influencer postings on IG, Youtube, FB, etc. In addition, GRIN includes custom tagging, properties that are great for multiple team members. I work with all athletes, while my team member works with all lifestyles, and we are able to organize the two using tags and custom properties without jumping into each other’s projects. The top quality I like about GRIN is how well organized it keeps all influencers and brand ambassadors.

– Jordan Silverman, Athlete Relations at Cuts Clothing

Make the most of your influencer marketing program with the all-in-one creator management platform designed to help you build more authentic, brand-boosting relationships.

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