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You’re a marketer, not an accountant. Stay focused on brand building while GRIN streamlines your creator payments, commissions, and tax compliance.

“Before GRIN, we only had a certain amount of bandwidth to do all these very tedious tasks. Now we are able to reach out to more creators and have time to scale our program. So we love GRIN here. It’s such a great tool.”

 — Britney Dorafshani, Community and Engagement Manager at Inkbox

Manage all of your influencer payments in one place.

You’re a marketer, not an accountant. Stay focused on brand building while GRIN streamlines your creator payments, commissions, and tax compliance.

A paid creator is a happy creator. Add funds to GRIN and route them through PayPal for instant influencer payments in just a few clicks.

Our real-time payment trackers keep you organized so you can get your creators paid on time, every time.

View payment history for every creator on your roster and unlock sales-based ROI reporting to determine if your spend is worth it.

Need one less thing to worry about? We’ll handle all your creator 1099s so you always stay compliant.

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Loved by ecommerce brands

GRIN integrates everything into one, refreshingly intuitive suite, allowing my team to accomplish much more in a fraction of the time.

Greg Connolly

Founder & CEO at Trifecta

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I have gone from 1.5 employees managing our influencer program to .5 employees all while tripling the amount of partnerships.

Keri O’Brien

Director of Marketing and Sales of Darn Good Yarn

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Finding GRIN was one of the biggest tools for our business to scale. We were able to take this one sales channel of influencer marketing and make it multiple sales channels.

Andrea Faulkner Willams

Co-Founder & CEO at Tubby Todd

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Frequently Asked Questions

A manual approach to paying influencers is tedious and time-consuming. It involves tracking your entire roster on a spreadsheet to keep tabs on which creators need to be paid and who still needs to deliver on their content agreement. 

Analyzing the success of each creator partnership is even tougher. You have to go back into the spreadsheet, calculate the success metrics by hand, and determine if the creator’s output is worth what you paid. Plus, you have to handle your creators’ 1099s individually, which can get complicated. 

But with GRIN’s Creator Management platform, you can ditch the spreadsheets and manage your creator payments from a central dashboard. GRIN tracks which creators are awaiting payment and makes it easy to track the ROI from each partnership.  
And tax documents? Forget about it. GRIN handles all of that so you can remove “accountant” from your job description. 

The payment method for influencers varies. Some accept products in exchange for content, while others require a flat rate. Sometimes they even require a combination of both.

Paying influencers can get tricky with so many different preferences out there. But GRIN makes it easy. 

With our Creator Management platform, you can upload funds to GRIN directly and route them through our seamless PayPal integration. We’ll even alert you when creators need to be paid so you never miss a deadline. We also give you a real-time look at your ROI from each partnership, campaign, and overall program

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Compare the Time of a Manual Process vs. GRIN

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