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Welcome to the GRIN gets real podcast, the show for people who want to maximize their marketing potential. From influencer marketing to eCommerce strategy and everything in between, each episode will feature industry experts that share their insights and provide actionable tips to help you achieve your marketing goals. Subscribe and stay tuned!


Where Creator Management Meets Marketing Strategy

In this episode:

Julie Gordon

Chief Inspiration Officer, Inspiring Kitchen

Julie Gordon has spent most of her professional career working with global companies and their clients on marketing, business development, and strategic initiatives. She has a reputation for “making things happen” by offering creative solutions to complex situations.  

While working for luxury housewares brands, she continues her style of marketing and selling products based on educating the customer rather than “selling an item.” By understanding how products help consumers enjoy their time in the kitchen, each item becomes an experience rather than “just” a piece of cookware.

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Marketing isn’t just about numbers—it’s about building relationships.

“So when you look at qualitative [marketing], it’s about understanding who the person behind the consumer is and how we reach that person, whereas quantitative is very much numbers-based, and it’s key as well. But it’s a different approach. And in my opinion, they work very well together. But I am a qualitative marketer because I’m looking at more than what the numbers mean.” 

When it comes to marketing, how can brands reconcile their need for numbers and data with creating authentic customer experiences? The answer may just lie in the marriage of quantitative and qualitative marketing.

With experience as a qualitative marketer and a culinary creator, Julie Gordon shares her expertise on how to tread this fine line and give influencers the tools they need to help your brand stand out from the crowd. 

How creators help brands understand consumers 

Breakdown of the GRIN Gets Real podcast—Season 2, Episode 13 

When you’re looking at marketing from a qualitative perspective, it quickly becomes clear that a thorough understanding of your target audience is necessary for success. Partnering with creators within specific realms allows your brand to tap into their expertise and create authentic connections with potential customers. But this can only work when brands trust creators and give them the freedom they need to create content that resonates. 

Being a creator is a huge part of sharing the brand story, if the brand lets you. So sometimes, when it comes to what a creator is going to do, brands are going to put some boundaries on you. And when they do that, I have to consider that they hired me because they liked the way I tell stories. I have a good following in the influencer world, the creator world, and they can see who I am. And they hired me for that reason.” 

However, building these trusting partnerships with creators doesn’t have to be difficult. When you work together to identify your brand’s goals, the type of messaging you want, and how the creator can fit into that role while still having creative freedom, you’re priming your relationship for success. 

In this podcast episode, listeners will learn: 

  • Why creator partnerships are key for brands hoping to connect with consumers 
  • How brands can develop an open dialogue with creators
  • When to consider product seeding and when to avoid it
  • How to view creator results from quantitative and qualitative perspectives 
  • Why authenticity is essential for both creators and brands 
  • And much more! 

Quotes from the episode

Where Creator Management Meets Marketing Strategy 1

“I think the influencers and creators will continue to evolve and really dictate what people are doing, choosing, using. We’ve seen the rise of TikTok and we’ve seen it happen with Twitch. It’s about solidifying platforms and growing audiences on them.”

“One shift we saw last year was less need for the ‘glam squad’ and more people just being real and genuine. And I think that is going to continue on the celebrity influencer side. Whether they lose their audience or they gain a new one, that’s going to continue to evolve because they understand their personal brand of who they are and what they need and what their audience actually engages with.”

“People are smarter now more than ever, and it’s only going to continue now when you add that #sponsored. If you don’t really love that product, it’s going to be more and more transparent the more these organic things are happening. I think the realness is really going to start coming through.”

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