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The State of Email Marketing: Is It Dead or Very Much Alive?

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Chris Orzechowski

Founder of Orzy Media

How to leverage emails for sales and marketing

Chris Orzechowski is the Founder of Orzy Media, a boutique ecommerce email marketing automation agency. He’s written two bestselling books on email marketing. He also has a popular print newsletter called Make It Rain Monthly, which is read by over 300 subscribers in over 30 countries. To work with Chris and his team, go to

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Emails can help your brand connect with consumers on a personal level. 

And no, that doesn’t mean you can’t automate them. 

“You’re writing to one person at a time … What I want you to do is actually take a random customer from your email list—you don’t have to send this email—but … write that email as if you were writing a personal letter to them, telling them about whatever the promo is or what the sale is. Those are some of the best, highest-converting emails you’ll ever have.”

The question that lives rent-free in every marketer’s mind: How can I make an email stand out? When you consider it, your brand is fighting to stand out in inboxes full of emails, but that shouldn’t discourage you! Chris Orzechowski is sharing his best advice for creating emails that convert. 

Email automation may just be a marketer’s best friend. 

According to Chris, when you’re not automating, “you’re leaving money on the table.” Taking some time to think through the consumer journey and create thoughtful touchpoints for them is essential. And if you’re afraid of people unsubscribing based on too many emails, don’t let that fear stop you. 

“We’ve had a lot of brands where they’ll have one email in place—they’ll have one of those one abandoned cart emails, and we’ll add a second or third email. Then, 50% of the sales will come from the combined second and third email … So if you just have that one email, you’re probably leaving 50% of the revenue on the table from that flow.” 

However, it’s more than just increasing your frequency. Your emails need to stand out and resonate with readers, and Chris is ready to show you how. 

In this podcast episode, listeners will learn about: 

  • The current state of email marketing 
  • How to utilize user-generated content within an email
  • The top three things most brands miss in email marketing 
  • How changes in iOS 14/15 have affected email marketing  
  • And much more! 

Quotes from this episode

The State of Email Marketing: Is It Dead or Very Much Alive? 1

“But usually, with every single brand that we’ve ever worked with, we’ve been able to find things that they can improve upon because it’s this never-ending journey. Like, you can always convert a little bit better, you can always change up your frequency, change up your style, change up the copy you’re using, the stories you’re using, all those kinds of things. So that’s the cool thing about email, there’s just so much opportunity, and it really is a deep, deep medium.”

“My one rule for subject lines is to be radically different at all costs, and there are obviously many ways that you can interpret that.” 

“And when you think about all the marketing mediums, how many people follow influencers nowadays, right? Like, why are they following those people? They’re following them because they’re telling interesting stories. So you could almost be your own influencer with an email.”

“People respond to people. They buy from people they’re familiar with, you know, like the people they have a relationship with. That’s why so many businesses are, you know, they’re really in the relationship business. That’s why they use marketing—to create that bond.”



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