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The GRIN Gets Real podcast is the perfect resource for anyone looking to maximize their marketing potential. From influencer marketing to ecommerce strategy and everything in between, each episode features industry experts who share insights and provide actionable tips to help you achieve your marketing goals.

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Podcast title image with David Monreau

Leveraging micro influencers to scale your business

Build a network of creators who love your brand. “I think we ...
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Diversity in influencer marketing title image with Johanna Voss

Diversity in influencer marketing

Diversity and inclusion requires brands to take a closer look at how ...
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Title image of "PR isn't dead, it's been redefined for digital" with Katie Stoller's portrait

PR isn’t dead, it’s been redefined for digital

Approaching influencer marketing through a PR lens With over a decade of ...
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Q&A Influencers Talking Brands "What makes them say yes" title image

What makes influencers say ‘yes’ to brand partnerships?

What makes influencers say ‘yes’ to brand partnerships? This week’s episode of ...
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Title image for "How H2H can help brands see a positive ROI through relationships" with Bryan Kramer

How H2H communication helps brands see positive ROI through relationships

Marketing with simplicity, empathy and imperfection With a passion for marketing and ...
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Living the Cookieless Life as a Marketer

With so much change to the digital marketing landscape, relationships are key. ...
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