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Leveraging micro influencers to scale your business

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David Monreau

Co-founder and CEO of InBeat

David Monreau is the co-founder and CEO of InBeat, a micro influencer agency that helps brands scale their marketing efforts. His company helps top brands like Nordstrom, Wildfang, and Soylent harness the power of micro influencers and maximize their ROI.

With more brands shying away from in-house studio advertising, leveraging the creative power of micro influencers has never been more critical. The expertise, engaged following, and low cost associated with micro influencers are ideal for brands that want to create the most compelling content for consumers in their industry.

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Build a network of creators who love your brand.

“I think we need to have buy-in from the influencers because a lot of these influencers do multiple collaborations. But ideally, we want to be the brand that they talk about at their barbecue. We want them to say, ‘This brand just shines for me, and I want to talk about this brand because they get it.’”

The best influencer partnerships can be hard to come by, so when you find a great creator match, it’s essential to do everything you can to keep the relationship strong. The creators who understand your brand story and appreciate your mission the most will be the ones consumers listen to and will bring in the highest ROI for your marketing campaigns. 

Understanding influencer marketing ROI

Breakdown of the GRIN Gets Real podcast: Season 2, Episode 7

Content production is a very big part of [generating a positive ROI]. And then direct sales, and after that, you are going to look at follower growth. How many mentions are you getting in Google, etc. … But overall direct attribution and content is really where the ROI is.”

There are many ways to measure influencer marketing campaign ROI, but it all has to start with a set of clearly defined goals. This ensures everyone involved in the campaign stays on track and allows you to determine which influencers are the best long-term partners. 

In this episode, you will learn: 

Quotes from the episode

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“How do we measure ROI? We look at the campaign goals. So if your goal is to create user-generated content or influencer-generated content to run your paid media and your influencers are creating paid media visuals that convert better than what you have, then that’s a positive ROI.”

“Hobbyists are the best. That’s one thing I learned. People that just have a hobby, whether it’s crafts or whatever it is. If you have the chance to build a brand around a hobby, that is amazing. These people are lovers of their craft and just love what they do, and these people are definitely the best influencers.” 

“When people are easy to work with, you just know they are going to be good in that relationship, and we look at that. And we only get people that have good communication skills to be ambassadors of a given program. And you just see it in the way they respond to emails, the way they interact, the way they text. It just shows.”

“It’s a relationship game. You want to keep these relationships [with influencers] healthy. That’s another big risk. You don’t want to massacre any relationships because then they can go on social media and butcher your brand. You have to have kind of a ‘crisis mode’ team ready to respond because sometimes they do get mad.”



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