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The Power of Creators as a Strategy to Increase App Downloads

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Sam Atherly

Curtsy’s Head of Influencer Marketing

Curtsy is an app that lets users thrift and sell clothing, shoes, accessories, and more. With a focus on sustainability, it removes the guilt from shopping for your new favorite outfit. Curtsy aims to simplify thrifting while building a strong community and helping people monetize their closets.

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This episode of the GRIN Gets Real podcast is an extension of the Q&A session from our fireside chat with Curtsy’s Head of Influencer Marketing, Sam Atherley. Sam shared how Curtsy partners with creators to increase app downloads, why content is key to their strategy, and much more. 

Is there a magic number of creators you need to promote your brand or increase app downloads? 

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all creator program. Sam shared details about the size of Curtsy’s program and her strategy for determining how many creators to reach out to each month, but both of these metrics took time to determine. 

“So I wouldn’t say the number of influencers [matters] necessarily. It’s just the type of creators you’re choosing and if their audience matches your demographic, if their content matches your brand. Like, that’s what’s more important than the specific number of how many you’re confirming.”

Play around with your creator program’s numbers to collect data and see where your sweet spot is. But more importantly, focus on getting quality content to help you reach your goals. 

Another hot question: What’s a typical influencer rate

Again, Katya and Sam concluded that there is no correct answer for this. From balancing the different payment methods (flat rate, commission, free products) to reviewing brand demand for creator partnerships, these numbers really come down to negotiations on a 1-on-1 basis. 

“So honestly, every influencer is different. I wouldn’t say there’s an average amount that we pay each influencer. But like I mentioned before, we base it off of reach, off of, honestly, credibility, and engagement rate.” 

Ready for more insights from Curtsy? Tune in to discover answers to the following questions: 

  • Is setting outreach quotas a good idea? 
  • How much content should you ask your creators for? 
  • Is there a way to track future purchases and tie them back to influencer marketing
  • And much more 

Quotes from the episode

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“I think what’s hard about our industry is that, you know, there’s no common amount. There’s no common system. Like, everyone has their own interpretation of how much the [creators’] rates should be.”

“I like to reach out to at least 100 to 200 influencers a week. You know, that really depends sometimes on our bandwidth or if we have someone out of the office, but I like to keep it within that ball range. But we never really put, you know, too many limits on it.” 

“I think influencers, you know, maybe they haven’t heard of Curtsy, but they’ll go and look at our Instagram and be like, ‘Wow, this is really awesome.’ I mean, our social media manager is the prime age of our audience, so she knows what to post; she knows what to say. And I think influencers see that, and they’re, like, ‘Wow, this is really awesome.’”

“And I think now it’s come to the time when people are starting to track influencer performance and stuff. But, you know, this history of influencers getting paid high rates is not going down because there are still those big brands that will pay those rates. But not everyone can offer that.”

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