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How to maximize social selling

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Alexander Low

Head of Enterprise Operations & Strategy

With over 15 years Business Development experience, working within professional services, formerly of PwC, Berwin Leighton Paisner & JLL. He has spent the last 4 years consulting back into the industry, helping BD & Marketing teams, Lawyers, Attorneys, Consultants, understand how to build social media and the behaviour changes required, into their go-to-market strategy. He leads the Enterprise business at Lately, an A.I.-driven content creation, scheduling and amplification technology company.


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Leveraging social selling for sales and marketing

Alexander Low is a Business Development expert with more than 15 years of sales and direct marketing experience. He has held leadership positions at several professional services companies, including what is now PwC. 

Over the last four years, Alexander has worked as a business development consultant for marketing teams, attorneys, and other consultants. His goal is to help professionals understand how to craft social media and achieve desired responses for their overall go-to-market strategy. 

He is currently the Head of Enterprise Strategy and Operations at Lately, an AI-driven content creation, scheduling, and amplification platform.

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Why is effective social selling a challenge today?

“The clue is in the ‘social’ bit – be social, don’t sell. And the reason for my frustration with social selling is that it’s just selling – it’s just sales.” – Alexander Low

Social media is helping millions of people nurture genuine connections with others. This has been true for both personal and business purposes. But with the advent of new features and a mobile-dominated society, some professionals are abusing one of the most potent tools in marketing today.

Alexander talks about the right and wrong ways to leverage social media to attract prospects and make effective pitches to those prospects. In this exclusive podcast interview, he explains how social relationships work and why just a few minutes a day of meaningful engagements can revolutionize your social selling strategy.

“You need to think about your network and how you can activate your network. If you’re not connecting to your clients by engaging the conversation and the content on social, they’re never going to see what you’re doing.”

How to maximize social selling

Breakdown of the GRIN Gets Real Podcast Episode 30

As a business development expert, Alexander Low spent years understanding how social media can enhance relationship-building for sales and marketing. He shares the good and ugly from his own experience, as well as how he was able to refine his personal and professional brand online.

Many professionals today either misuse social platforms for prospecting or ignore them altogether. But there is a middle ground where salespeople and marketers can nurture a sustainable lead-generation process through a strategic use of social media tools.

In this episode, Alexander unpacks key concepts to help listeners leverage social media to build professional relationships, including:

  • The 3 pillars of social selling.
  • How to identify the right social network.
  • Why posts and post comments are critical.
  • Which types of content will be most effective.
  • What the future of social selling holds.

Quotes from This Episode

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“So your personal brand is both what you’re talking about and how you present yourself… If I were to go to any of your clients, how will they describe you to me in terms of what you do? That’s the story that you wanna start playing back on your profile.”


“I always encourage people to go into LinkedIn, type in their customer ideal position (CIO, CFO, etc.), then do ‘second’ in the industry connections. That’s your potential influence.”


“The content piece is the hardest part for most people. What type of content do I create? What content should I engage with? And it’s about blending the corporate message (if you will) to, ‘This is me. This is what I stand for.’”


“Fish where the fish are. And where the fish are is where you go and talk to your clients. So the social platform is the pond. The content is the bait. You need to have the right bait to catch the right fish in the right pond.”



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