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Katya Allison

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Increase value per website visitor by establishing trust and credibility

In this episode:

Kurt Philip

Founder & CEO at Convertica

Kurt started Convertica in 2016 after noticing a huge demand in the market after doing CRO on his own portfolio of websites. After four years, Convertica has worked with more than 650 businesses in countless verticals and monetization methods, and run more than 7,000 split tests.

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Increase value per website visitor by establishing trust and credibility from the jump

“If someone comes to your website, you have a fraction of a second to communicate what it is you’re selling, what it is you’re about, (build) trust, credibility, and so on.”

Brands need to hook potential customers immediately or risk losing them from their website altogether. With that in mind, brands utilize split testing methods now more than ever to discover what turns those valuable clicks into dollars. They are finding that a clear mission statement, along with a foundation built on credibility, is key to maximizing revenue for online businesses. 

Conversion rate optimization (CMO) specialist Kurt Philips joined a recent episode of the GRIN Gets Real Podcast to discuss the best ways for brands to build trust with potential customers and increase value per visitor by using tried and tested conversion techniques. 

CRO best practices for ecommerce 

Breakdown of the GRIN Gets Real Podcast Ep. 34

Customer experience is critical to a successful website. But customers won’t want to experience your website or product at all if you don’t first build trust and credibility with them.

“A lot of people will have all their reviews on a reviews page, but no one is going to go and view a reviews page. What you want to do is have the reviews in the top section, not one of these carousels that shows one at a time.”

Brands taking the necessary steps such as this to build faith in their name and product, while also streamlining the functionality of their websites, are more likely to hit their goals and convert sales each time a customer visits their site. 

In this podcast you will learn:

  • Common pitfalls for brands when it comes to CRO.
  • How brands determine where to get started when they decide to optimize and test their ecommerce site. 
  • When A/B testing is viable and how much time should be spent on it. 
  • Best practices for businesses sharing the findings of A/B testing. 
  • What the future holds for brands when it comes to website performance.

Quotes from This Episode

Grin Gets Real Podcast on ecommerce conversion rate optimization with a quote of Kurt Philip and his headshot

“Even with some big brands, they don’t clearly outline (what they are selling). They might just have an image of their product and it’s like ‘refreshingly refreshing.’ What does that even mean? You need to clearly outline what it is then go into more detail below. “


“Almost no one shows enough trust and credibility on their website even though they have it. We’ll see clients come through and have like 2,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, but they haven’t brought any of those reviews to their website … It seems like common sense, but no one does it.”


“If you have a new product, go out and give the product away in exchange for a review. It’s a little bit of a gray area, because I know on Amazon they don’t like people to do that … But you need that to be able to actually get the people to test it.”


“It’s credibility and trust. What is the service and the thing you are offering, then below that having some reviews or testimonials from people who have used that offering and are speaking about it.”



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