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Katya marketing manager grin influencer marketing software

Katya Allison

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The power of brand-influencer relationships in sports nutrition

In this episode:

Greg Tetzlaff & Matt Marconi

Head of Product Content | Influencer Manager

Nutrabolt oversees the Cellucor, C4, and XTEND brands and is the industry leader for “better-for-you performance beverages.” Its energy and pre-workout supplements are popular among athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and trainers worldwide.

Matt Marconi’s career includes ten years in marketing, sports, and team leadership. As an influencer relationship manager at Nutrabolt, he is responsible for recruiting social media creators and overseeing campaigns.

Greg Tetzlaff has worked with Nutrabolt for nearly a decade and is the brand’s Head of Product Content and Industry Influencers.  Before Nutrabolt, he was a sports trainer, retail manager, and entrepreneur.

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Full episode details

Full Episode Details

Trust is everything in brand-influencer relationships

“There’s ROI, return on investment, and then there’s ROR, return on relationship. So if we have one of our athletes giving out product that we send them and we want them to give great memories and experiences to consumers, that goes a long way.” – Greg Tetzlaff, Nutrabolt

Building long-lasting relationships with top-performing fitness creators is easier said than done. However, genuine relationships produce the highest influencer ROI and attract more brand fans than any other marketing approach.

Influencer marketers Greg Tetzlaff and Matthew Marconi joined GRIN for a recent Brands Talking Influencers webinar and graciously extended their visit to participate in a Q&A session on the GRIN Gets Real podcast.

The power of brand-influencer relationships in sports nutrition

Breakdown of the GRIN Gets Real Podcast Q&A Episode

Consumers can see true brand love when their favorite influencers promote a brand. That’s why leading influencer marketing brands like Nutrabolt can achieve aggressive marketing goals with the help of social media creators.

Fostering that product love and brand trust requires marketers to offer their influencer community a truly white-glove experience. By lavishing support to their influencer team, brands can rapidly increase their sales, brand awareness, and consumer loyalty online.

“In our realm, every nutritional program is running an ambassador program. So how do you set yourself apart from the competition? And it’s all those little steps that are big game changers at the end of the day – sending that extra DM, introducing yourself, sending them products right away, responding to their emails/messages on time.” – Matt Marconi, Nutrabolt

In this exclusive Q&A episode, Matt and Greg discuss:

  • Which influencer touches can make all the difference
  • How program structure can enhance campaign ROI
  • Why automation is critical to personalization
  • How to scale your influencer and social program
  • And so much more!

Quotes from This Episode

Image detailing brand-influencer relationships with GRIN's influencer marketing podcast "brands working remote talking influencers" with nutrabolt's Gret Tetzlaff and Matt Marconi

“Whatever product you’re looking to market, connect with the influencers that you feel will authentically want to use and participate in your product or service. Because they are going to be able to tell the story of the benefit that you provide.”


“I think the main thing for vetting is really about the content. We have influencers who have over 100,000 followers, and we have other influencers who have maybe 1,000 followers. 9 out of 10 times some of those individuals with the 1,000 followers will perform better because maybe their community is a lot more loyal and listening.”


“We love to get to know somebody, and we want to get to that point where we talk about our product first, second, or third. We want to get a feel for who this person is, because it is a working relationship. You want to give unlimited resources to the right person.”



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