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The GRIN Gets Real podcast is the perfect resource for anyone looking to maximize their marketing potential. From influencer marketing to ecommerce strategy and everything in between, each episode features industry experts who share insights and provide actionable tips to help you achieve your marketing goals.

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Mastering Live Shopping for Your Ecommerce Website with Frost Li featured image

Mastering live shopping for your ecommerce website

Discover how live shopping can increase conversions and AOV while reducing cart ...
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Brands Talking Influencers Title image with Sam Atherly

The Power of Creators as a Strategy to Increase App Downloads

This episode of the GRIN Gets Real podcast is an extension of ...
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Podcast Customer Spotlight w/ Dimitri O portrait feature image

Power Your Marketing Strategy with the Help of Creators

Influencer marketing is ineffective if you ask creators to ignore their usual ...
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How to combat discount cod hijacking featured image

How to combat discount code hijacking

Preventing discount code hijacking is valuable in the creator economy.  As coupon ...
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Brands Talking Influencers Q&A with whisker title image

How to Implement the Ultimate Influencer Marketing Strategy

This episode of the GRIN Gets Real podcast is an extension of ...
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GRIN Get's Real title image for Using AI to create an exceptional customer experience with Ella Dillon

Using AI to Create an Exceptional Customer Experience

Quality artificial intelligence in customer service keeps customers from falling through the ...
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