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Top Dog Apparel Designer Brand Uses Product Seeding to Deliver ROI in 3 months

The first of its kind and the original designer of the Reversible Dog Harness, Frenchie Bulldog uses product seeding for an influencer marketing program of over 100 creators. The program provides ongoing content that is repurposed across their marketing strategy and drives conversions all while creating a community, better known as the “Frenchie-family” that shares their brand’s story.

Frenchie Bulldog tracks the ROI of their product seeding program in GRIN influencer marketing software while maintaining a true authentic connection with their content creators

“Our influencer marketing program stands out because it is organic. Our products speak for themselves and when I am able to get them into the hands of our ambassadors, who are just as passionate about the brand as I am, it shines through to their followers. By using only product seeding campaigns we are able to generate high organic engagement that builds brand awareness!” -Victoria Shanley, Director of Operations & Marketing at Frenchie Bulldog.

In the upcoming webinar series Brands Working Remote Talking Influencers, Shanley shares the Frenchie Bulldog influencer marketing story. Recently moving their program off of sheets and into the influencer marketing software GRIN has helped them continue that success streak. Over the last 90 days their “Frenchie-family” has created 2k+ code conversions, 2k+ pieces of content, sent 400+ emails, and have seen revenue close to six figures. 

On the transition of moving off of spreadsheets Shanley expresses, “I feel like I went from an amateur in influencer marketing to a guru all within a week’s time span of getting the software set up. I’ve always had a stellar group of ambassadors, incredible organization skills, and a killer work ethic but that could only take me so far. I needed a tool that could act on my behalf and cut my work time in half, which it did just that!” 

Join our live conversation and Q&A on Wednesday, August 5th at 10 am PST where GRIN and Frenchie Bulldog will chat about:

  • Successful strategies to leverage an influencer community for your marketing program.
  • How developing authentic influencer relationships help share your brand story.
  • Overcoming challenges ecommerce and DTC brands face with influencer marketing. 

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About Frenchie Bulldog

Born back in 2014, Frenchie was created for the hard to fit breeds and fashion-conscious dog owners! The first of its kind and the original designer of the Reversible Dog Harness. Known for our vibrant prints, durable quality, form fitting products; we make your furry friend the most fashionable dog on the block! For more information, visit

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