Subscription brands get introduced to GRIN, the creator economy at 2022 SubSummit Conference

ORLANDO, Fla. — GRIN was one of the major highlights of the SubSummit conference in Orlando on June 1-3 for many brands just dipping their toes into the creator economy. 

More than 1,500 people attended this year’s event. It featured more than 125 subscription brands and roughly 100 speakers who provided insights on how box subscription services can thrive in an ever-evolving consumer landscape. 

As a silver sponsor at the event, GRIN representatives set up a booth to talk shop and share wisdom on how partnering with authentic content creators can help subscription brands take their marketing strategy to the next level. 

“Working with creators was something almost everyone we talked to was interested in but haven’t necessarily started,” said GRIN Solutions Engineer Tessa Brown. 

Paresh Patel, a senior account executive with GRIN, said many of the brands he spoke with had between one and five employees. They all wanted to work with influencers but didn’t quite know how to get a program off the ground. 

Patel provided resources for the three most-asked questions he received over the weekend.

  1. How do we get started with influencer marketing? — Check out our 0 to 100: Getting Started With Influencer Marketing Guide.
  2. What are the differences between an affiliate and a creator? — Find out in Affiliate Marketing vs Influencer Marketing: Which Should You Choose For Your Brand?
  3. How do you pay creators and affiliates? — Download our free How Much to Pay Influencers, Creators & Brand Ambassadors ebook.

“We said we would be a resource for them to get them going,” Patel said. “Many of these brands ended up saying that GRIN was the highlight of their visit to SubSummit.” 

About GRIN

GRIN is the pioneer behind the world’s first Creator Management platform built to support every brand’s journey to connecting with consumers through authentic creator relationships. Thousands of the world’s fastest-growing brands—including SKIMS, Warby Parker, Allbirds, Mejuri, and MVMT—use GRIN to make creators feel like trusted, empowered partners and work with them to build their brands into household names.

Visit for additional resources and more information on the world’s number one Creator Management platform

About the SubSummit conference

SubSummit is the world’s largest conference dedicated to DTC subscriptions. The three-day event features brands and speakers from every niche of the subscription service industry and provides attendees with actionable insights for optimizing their business models. 

Visit the SubSummit website for more information, tickets, or to become a sponsor at the 2023 event in Dallas.

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