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Spring 2020: GRIN Once Again Named G2 Leader In Influencer Marketing Software

Once again, GRIN is G2’s choice for Spring Leader 2020. As GRIN increases its market share among the influencer marketing software landscape, it continues to accumulate positive reviews from verified customers within G2’s “crowd awards” database.

Nearly 80% of GRIN’s ratings are five-star reviews, with users displaying zero negative marks. GRIN influencer marketing software is an established IRM (influencer relationship management) pacesetter within the digital marketing industry.

What Does It Mean to Be a G2 Leader?

What is the G2 Report?

To help organizations find the best software fit for their operations, G2 collects information from verified users and grades each software by product category. G2’s product review database includes software categories in digital marketing, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and more.

In naming “the best influencer marketing software,” G2 standards require that every contender be able to:

  • Locate influencers across a variety of social media platforms
  • Sort and filter those influencers to assist in influencer recruiting
  • Provide a full suite of IRM tools, to include messaging and productivity tools
  • Include a user-friendly dashboard for status task management and reporting
  • Offer reliable import/export IRM migration capabilities


Accumulation of Customer Feedback

G2 collects verified user feedback and plots scores on a Momentum Grid®, Market Presence Report, Usability Index, and Implementation Index. To achieve a G2 Leader Award, GRIN successfully scored among the top performers in influencer marketing software.


GRIN’s G2 Accomplishments

In keeping with G2’s standards of excellence, GRIN achieved above-average scores in several influencer marketing performance criteria, including:

  • Data Importing and Exporting Tools
  • Influencer Collaboration
  • Workflow Capability

Additionally, GRIN scored unusually high marks across G2’s three categories for all software industries:

  • Ease of Use
  • Quality of Support
  • Ease of Setup


G2 Review Highlights

“GRIN’s integrations with our existing platforms like Shopify and deep feature set to discover, onboard and activate influencers has allowed us to spend significantly more time building fruitful influencer relationships, rather than waste time calculating payments.” – Mike G

“Being able to house and organize all of our influencers in one place has streamlined our process and enabled us to more than double the amount of people we work with each month. I like that GRIN is very much what you make of it. We have also found GRIN helpful in managing our incoming content which we then repurpose across channels.” – Maddie B

“Their customer support team is best in class–whether with tech updates or strategy to reaching more influencers. One of my favorite features in GRIN is the email integration as well as the lookalike function for finding and searching for new influencers.” – Anonymous, Verified User

“GRIN is by far the most advanced platform when it comes to Influencer Marketing. I love that you can manage multiple campaigns at once and really are able to scale the amount of influencers you work with at a time. From an influencer recruitment standpoint, it is really easy to look up a specific search depending on your specific requirements (age, follower count, engagement rate, audience, etc.) and add them to the campaign of your choice.” – Danielle M

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