GRIN ‘Thinks Big’ with Attendees at Brooklyn’s Lead Innovation Summit

NEW YORK—As a co-sponsor of The Lead Innovation Summit 2022, GRIN had a front-row seat as members of the fashion, retail, and consumer innovation community came together to share insights to remain on the cutting edge in their industries. 

The two-day festival on July 12-13 featured over 100 stand-out speakers across two stages, covering everything related to the next generation of brands and technology. 

Much of the buzz at GRIN’s booth in Innovation Village came from the day-one session titled “Recapture Your Brand’s Soul.” The panel session inspired many of the festival’s 1,700 attendees to take a closer look at why they do what they do and what problems they’re trying to solve for their customers.

“As marketers, we need to remember the ‘soul’ of the brand,” GRIN Influencer Marketing Sales Strategist Kristen Gioscia said after speaking with event attendees in Innovation Village. “This really stood out to me as it relates to what we are trying to do with GRIN.”

GRIN team at The Lead Innovation Summit 2022

GRIN empowers brands in every industry to grow their business with authentic content creators who can share their stories and nurture a community built on genuine relationships with consumers. By partnering with creators who share their mission and values, brands can produce innovative digital marketing strategies that resonate with like-minded audiences. 

“Nowadays, it’s so easy to get caught up in trying to go ‘viral’ as a brand that we forget that longevity should actually be the goal. While virality is great, it also passes quickly. If a brand is trying to create a sustainable and long-term influencer strategy, it needs to be clear on who it is as a brand and what it’s trying to solve, so influencers have bold, concise, and strong messaging to share across target audiences.” 

Kristen Gioscia, GRIN Influencer Marketing Sales Strategist

The festival featured dozens of other sessions covering everything from the power of artificial intelligence and augmented reality to delivering on climate pledges for a sustainable future. But for the most part, each session sought to answer the underlying question: Who are our customers, and how can we best speak to them?

“I think this is the same exact starting point that brands need to think about when creating their influencer strategy,” Gioscia said. 

About The Lead Innovation Summit 2022

The Lead Innovation Summit in Brooklyn, New York, welcomes more than 1,700 people from the fashion, retail, and consumer innovation community to learn from and connect with the brands, retailers, digital natives, and tech enablers defining tomorrow. The two-day event features more than 100 stand-out speakers across three stages, taking a deep look at the future of next-generation brands and technology.

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