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GRIN Announces Major Upgrades to Level Up Top-Ranked Creator Management Platform

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Over the past few months, GRIN has been working behind the scenes to help brands make a splash in today’s creator economy. 

GRIN Software Q2 2022 Updates

GRIN has made each recent upgrade to its already top-ranked Creator Management platform with one fundamental truth in mind: Consumers no longer tune into companies. They tune into people. 

Some of the biggest players in ecommerce have already turned to content creators to share their brand stories. And with GRIN’s help, these companies build strong relationships with authentic voices to develop a foundation of trust needed to turn their brand into a household name. 

Web extension & landing pages

GRIN’s enhanced Web Extension makes it easy for brands to discover their new favorite creator and add them to their roster with a single click. 

Or brands can have the creators come to them. With GRIN’s enhanced Landing Page feature, creators can apply to partner with a brand directly from its website, and brands can add these prospects to their roster instantly. 

Multi-factor authentication

GRIN’s new multi-factor authentication further protects its users’ data, including their creator list and performance metrics. 

Product catalog upload

GRIN users don’t need a connected ecommerce solution to get the most out of the platform. Now, brands can upload their entire product catalog with a CSV file and take advantage of GRIN’s product-specific tracking features. 

Bulk CRM actions

GRIN users can now keep their entire creator roster organized through bulk CRM actions that allow them to tag and organize lists in one click. 

Google Drive and Dropbox integrations

Users can sync all creator-generated content into Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box so everyone on the marketing team can download and repurpose the assets without an additional login.

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DocuSign integration

With GRIN’s new DocuSign integration, users can easily manage content usage rights with custom contracts. 

Commission tiers

Tiered commission rates incentivize creators to bring their A-game. And when sales go through the roof, brands can reward their highest-performing partners.  

Finance Admin role & enhanced conversion and payout tables

GRIN has made tracking payouts to multiple creators across multiple Activations even easier.

And with a new Finance Admin role, brands can give a user access to their GRIN account to manage payments without the ability to make changes to anything else.

Creator payment enhancements 

These new upgrades allow creators to see how much they’ve been paid and calculate potential future earnings, putting them in control of their business. 

Ultimately, each of GRIN’s recent updates helps its users to save time, grow brand love, and treat creators like their brand revolves around them. Because in the creator economy, it does.

About GRIN

GRIN is the pioneer behind the world’s first Creator Management platform built to support every brand’s journey to connecting with consumers through authentic creator relationships. Thousands of the world’s fastest-growing brands—including SKIMS, Warby Parker, Allbirds, Mejuri, and MVMT—use GRIN to make creators feel like trusted, empowered partners and work with them to build their brands into household names.

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