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GRIN Earns Spot on G2’s List of Fastest Growing Products of 2022

GRIN added to its growing list of achievements this month when it was named one of G2’s Fastest Growing Products of 2022

The top 100 software sellers are ranked based on a combination of satisfaction and market presence scores for each seller, and the top products are rated based on reviews across all categories they are a part of. To be included in one of G2’s Software Sellers or “Best Of” lists, a company or product must receive at least 50 approved and published reviews during the 2021 calendar year. 

GRIN joins G2’s list as the pioneer of Creator Management—a new software category and the secret for success in today’s Creator Economy

Winning brands understand that household names can’t rely on old-school mass advertising anymore. They are made by forming deep relationships with trusted partners and utilizing creators as brand storytellers. These partnerships can’t be bought or faked. They must be built—one genuine relationship at a time.  

GRIN succeeds by eliminating the transactional approach from the influencer marketplace. As the world’s first creator management platform, GRIN provides the tools needed for scaling creator collaborations and enabling brands to form authentic partnerships with every creator they interact with. 

“The new billion-dollar brands today have arisen from direct partnerships with creators,” GRIN VP of Marketing Ali Fazal said. “Winning brands are forming deep, long-term relationships with creators who can authentically endorse them to their audience.”

The game has changed. And the brands GRIN works with on a daily basis understand that in the new creator economy, the stakes have never been higher.

Here’s a look at what some of them had to say on G2 about GRIN’s software: 

“GRIN is an easy-to-use platform that actually works. It’s intuitive and robust so it’s easy to find, invite, and work with influencers. But most importantly, it’s easy to track their performance so you can actually justify influencer marketing costs. We run our affiliate programs through GRIN, and it’s seamless.”

“GRIN saved our influencer program and scaled it x3 in the first year. GRIN allowed my company to quit doing our influencer program in 10 different software and bring it all into [one]. We use GRIN to research, connect with creators, track their content, send products, analyze campaigns, and issue payments.”

“GRIN continues to be very innovative with constant new features and webinars to stay ahead of the always-changing social/influencer landscape. The platform and the fantastic GRIN team has helped streamline our influencer program all into one place and scale it in ways we didn’t know that we could.”

About GRIN

GRIN is the all-in-one creator management platform helping ecommerce companies build more valuable brands through the power of creator partnerships. GRIN provides creator management software for influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, customer advocacy, branded content, athlete marketing, public relations, and more. 

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About G2

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