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Organize influencer marketing campaigns, grow sales 253%, and finally tame the chaos.

GRIN gives you a systematic process and automation that let you scale influencer marketing campaigns and stay organized – without increasing head count.

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Search and Discovery

Find and recruit the perfect influencers for your brand.

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Influencer Management

Manage payments, content, communications, shipping and fulfillment, and more, all in one place.

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Analyze ROI and influencer effectiveness. Track engagement rates, follower count increases, revenue generated, and more.


All-in-one influencer marketing software

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Discovery & Search

Connect with influencers. Filter by an influencer or audience demographics. View engagement metrics.

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Relationship Management

Send, receive, and track personalized emails at scale. Manage communications in one place.

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Campaign Management

Set up, monitor, and manage influencer campaigns for individual events.

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Product Seeding

Sync with your e-commerce store. Allow creators to choose products they want to promote.

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Shipping & Fulfillment

View influencer orders, fulfill products, and track shipments.

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Create affiliate links and discount codes. Send influencer payments. See which payments still need to be completed.

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Reporting & Analytics

Get detailed reporting on engagement, revenue, post-performance, ROI, and more.

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Integrate with all major e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and more.


What our customers are saying

Our happy customers love how
GRIN scales their business

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GRIN integrates everything into one, refreshingly intuitive suite, allowing my team to accomplish much more in a fraction of the time.

Greg Connolly

Founder & CEO at Trifecta

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I have gone from 1.5 employees managing our influencer program to .5 employees all while tripling the amount of partnerships.

Keri O’Brien

Director of Marketing
and Sales at Darn Good Yarn

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Finding GRIN was one of the biggest tools for our business to scale. We were able to take this one sales channel of influencer marketing and make it multiple sales channels.

Andrea Faulkner Willams

Co-Founder & CEO at Tubby Todd

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Solution for every business type

The best brands are looking for amazing content, authentic engagement, and brand affinity. Use these free tools to take control of your metrics and stand out to top brands

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Social media impressions
Brand in their Amazon category
Increase in sales
ROI on influencer marketing
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10 out of 10

Aug 24, 2022

GRIN has taken away many pain points for me. Everything to stay organized, track and report are now under one roof. I no longer have to send…

Jessi Van Blarcom

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10 out of 10

Jun 9, 2022

GRIN is great for a variety of scenarios, if you want to find creators to work in a simple manner, their “Creator Search” is top-notch with…

Authenticated Reviewer

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9 out of 10

Jun 10, 2022

GRIN allows influencer marketing to scale at any business type. Their support team is incredible and very quick to respond to any questions…

Authenticated Reviewer

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9 out of 10

May 10, 2022

GRIN is the best Influencer marketing platform I’ve seen after having several sales pitches with different social platforms.

Authenticated Reviewer

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10 out of 10

May 3, 2022

Absolutely enjoy using GRIN. It makes organizing my creator list 10x easier than using an Excel sheet…

Lily Yang

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10 out of 10

May 3, 2022

GRIN has helped our team scale our influencer gifting program, naturally building out a funnel to launch our ambassador program which has helped us establish on-going brand awareness.

Kamila Orzech

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10 out of 10

May 3, 2022

GRIN has been amazing in starting our Influencer program. I’ve worked in influencer marketing for 8 years, and it would also be amazing for people who have established programs but want an easier way to run them…

Rachel Eddington

Grow your sales. Streamline your influencer marketing program. Get started today.

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How did one person build Uber's robust TikTok community from scratch?

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