Report: Power of Influencer Marketing in Numbers

Leverage influencers to earn consumer trust

Open magazines of The Power of Influencer Marketing

Measuring the effectiveness of social commerce and influencer endorsements among social media users in the United States

In this guide you will get a behind-the-scenes look at how consumers think when they encounter influencer endorsements.

Influencer authenticity is your greatest asset when connecting with audiences on social media. This exclusive report will help you identify authentic influencers to partner with to help nurture trust with consumers.

What you’ll find in this exclusive report

  • Which influencer types consumers prefer
  • How social media users determine authenticity
  • When consumers pay more for influencer-endorsed brands
  • Which industries are best for influencer marketing
Open magazines of The Power of Influencer Marketing

Take a sneak peek...

  • Highly-visual platforms consistently outscore those that are less visual
  • Nearly 70% of participants say they are bothered when an influencer doesn’t specify that a brand sponsored their post
  • Influencer engagement with follower comments impacts whether buyers trust that influencer
  • 81.4% of respondents say that they are more inclined to buy products that influencers promote

“The survey reveals that social media users are gravitating less toward celebrities and more towards down-to-earth creators. Nothing can replace genuine brand-consumer connections.”

As you leverage the survey data to refine your influencer marketing strategy, you will know exactly how consumers use social platforms to inspire, inform, and guide their purchase decisions.

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