Report: Influencer Marketing Software
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G2 Summer Report 2021 of GRIN’s influencer marketing platform performance

GRIN G2 Summer Report booklet

What you’ll find in the G2 Summer Report

“G2 Crowd, the world’s leading business software review platform, leverages more than 500,000 user reviews to drive better purchasing decisions. Technology buyers, investors, and analysts use G2 Crowd to compare and select the best software based on peer reviews and synthesized social data.”

The G2 Summer Report provides a detailed analysis of all leading influencer marketing platforms. Download the report to see how GRIN performs against other leading influencer marketing software.

Based on verified user feedback, G2 examines influencer marketing solutions based on the quality of their...

  • Influencer discoverability tools
  • Influencer relationship management features
  • Campaign & communication tools
  • Influencer platform dashboard usability
  • Influencer data management systems

See how GRIN performs head-to-head with other platforms

To help you compare and contrast influencer marketing software solutions, G2 plots GRIN on a Momentum Grid next to competing software solutions. 

Additionally, G2 breaks down each platform’s performance by usability, customer relationship, implementation, and overall results. Within each G2 category, GRIN achieved top scores and is number one in influencer marketing.

Find out what users have to say about GRIN’s intuitive platform

When testing and ranking an influencer marketing solution, G2 asks clients in-depth questions about their level of satisfaction on...

  • User-friendliness
  • Implementation efficiency
  • Likelihood to recommend
  • Results & goals achieved

“We shopped a lot of different influencer marketing platforms before landing on Grin. We love how streamlined everything is and how much time and energy have been lifted off our team.” - Jenna T

“The GRIN team is super helpful and sets you up for success. GRIN serves as a one-stop shop for Influencer partnerships. Tasks that previously required 3 or 4 platforms can all be accomplished from one central place.” - Emma T

All the resources you need for your influencer program

GRIN has got you covered with every resource you need to set up and influencer marketing program, manage your creators, build long-term creator partnerships, and gain true ROI on all your influencer marketing programs.

Make the most of your influencer marketing program with the all-in-one creator management platform designed to help you build more authentic, brand-boosting relationships.