0 to 100: Getting Started With Influencer Marketing Guide

In this guide, you will learn how to build the foundation to create your influencer marketing program. This step-by-step guide will take you from what to do before you even sign up your first influencer to how to prove a return on investment for each influencer campaign.

Booklet of 0 to 100 getting started with influencer marketing

Ramp up your program from 0 to 100 influencers

Navigate through the nuances of ramping up your influencer program by working through this step-by-step guide on starting your influencer marketing.

In this guide you will learn...

  • How to set-up a workflow for your influencer marketing program
  • The importance of identifying the right influencers for your brand to maximize your success
  • Defining the types of campaigns you will need to set-up to achieve your marketing objectives
  • How to engage and build authentic influencer relationships from outreach to long term connections
  • How to repurpose user generated content across all marketing channels
  • Defining success and identifying a return on investment
Open booklet depicting ROI from influencer marketing

Take a sneak peek...

What do you want to achieve through Influencer Marketing? Simply put, what results will dictate a "success"? Whether it's increasing site traffic, driving orders,  or building positive brand sentiment, setting clear program objectives will create purpose and streamline your focus. Everything from the type of influencers you'll target, the total volume of influencers, how you manage relationships, what type of content you'll seek, and how you measure performance are all contingent on your program goals.

You're likely to identify more than one objective that you'll want to aim for - which is fin! Activating with influencers and starting an influencer marketing program, if done properly, can yield a variety of results that will help amplify your overall business/brand. The multi-faceted returns that influencer marketing produces is exactly why it's quickly become a highly coveted strategy for modern-day brands.

All the resources you need for your influencer program

GRIN has got you covered with every resource you need to set up and influencer marketing program, manage your creators, build long-term creator partnerships, and gain true ROI on all your influencer marketing programs.

Make the most of your influencer marketing program with the all-in-one creator management platform designed to help you build more authentic, brand-boosting relationships.