0 to 100: Chapter 3 Influencer Budget

In our chapter three toolkit we help you answer one of the most difficult questions in influencer marketing: How much budget will I need?

Booklet of 0 to 100 getting started with influencer marketing

Use this toolkit to set the right influencer marketing budget for your goals

Defining a budget for your influencer marketing program can be difficult. Everything from influencer commissions, negotiations, reporting to attribution needs to be considered when setting the right budget for your influencer program.

Check out our chapter 3 toolkit to get all the helpful templates, tools and quick guides for your influencer marketing and watch our 0 to 100 chapter 3 webinar replay as we walk you through the process.

This toolkit includes...

  • Influencer marketing budget calculator
  • Campaign payment factors
  • Quick guide to influencer negotiations
  • Influencer payments breakdown
getting started with influencer marketing guide book

Take a sneak peek...

Campaign Factors That Affect Influencer Payment

PRO TIP Successful Influencer-Brand Relationships Are Mutually Beneficial

Campaign factors are all of the specifics of the partnership you’re looking to establish with an influencer. From budget to brand fit, each piece of a campaign is a factor that affects influencer payment.

All the resources you need for your influencer program

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