Email Template & Sequences Best Practices

It can get a little crazy when sending out hundreds of emails to influencers. GRIN has got you covered with this email template best practices for keeping your communication concise, organized, and connected to your influencers. 

Booklet on email & sequences best practices

Stay organized and recruit the best influencers for your campaigns

Use this influencer email templates and sequences best practices guide to help you keep all your communications in order and guarantee you recruit the best influencers for your brand. 

In this guide you will find...

  • Steps on setting up winning naming conventions
  • Successful email templates for every stage of your influencer prospecting
  • The most creative subject line inspiration to get your email open rates up
Booklet depicting Email Template & Sequences Best Practices

Take a sneak peek...

Suggested Email Templates to Create

The following suggested email templates are meant to help with influencer outreach,
campaign management, and inbound request management to create a seamless

Audience: New Prospects

Initial Outreach Email:

Start the email with something personal that can relate to the influencers
Second portion should be short but high level explain the brand
The last portion should be asking if they are interested in partnering with you.
Avoid using links if possible as this will add a high chance of getting marked
as spam.

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