0 to 100: Chapter 2 Finding Influencers

In our chapter two toolkit we've collected all the tools you need to properly find, vet and recruit the right influencers to align with your brand.

0 to 100 getting started with influencer marketing

Use these tools to partner with the right influencers

After checking in to our 0 to 100 web series chapter 2, utilize these influencer recruitment downloads to work through the process of partnering with influencers that will love and represent your brand.

This toolkit includes...

  • Influencer personas
  • Influencer vetting tactics
  • Guide to spotting fake influencers
  • Types of influencers cheat sheet
0 to 100 Getting Started with Influencer Marketing Chapter 2 Toolkit 1

Take a sneak peek...

Protect yourself from fraudulent influencers - evaluate the quality of an influencer's audience

"There is no denying that influencer fraud exists, especially as it relates to the purchase of followers or engaging in suspicious activities that artificially inflate follower count. Unfortunately, there are a lot of methods where influencers appear to have followers that don’t actually exist. Screening prospective influencers will save you time and prevent you from signing a bad deal, and it only takes a few seconds."

All the resources you need to kick off your influencer program

Check out these additional resources on finding, vetting and recruiting quality influencers to produce authentic content and maximum ROI.

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