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Success Story

Trifecta Nutrition is on a mission to provide athletes and health conscious people with fresh and organic prepared meals delivered right to their door. Since their founding in 2015, they’ve been successful in fulfilling that mission, becoming the country’s largest organic meal delivery service. Trifecta’s meals feed tens of thousands of people throughout the United States each day.

Trifecta’s goal is to be a meal subscription service that delivers chef-inspired meals that are perfectly prepared for each customer’s unique macro needs. This service takes away the need for time-consuming meal planning, prep, or careful nutrition tracking. The meal subscription is also perfect for busy, active people who prioritize healthy eating and desire the nutrition of whole foods—without the hassle of wasting time in the grocery store.


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the story

Pro athelete influencers

Trifecta’s product is perfect for elite athletes and the decision to start an influencer-driven partner program was an easy choice.

The company began building relationships with professional athletes like UFC fighters, bodybuilders and Crossfitters who could benefit from the weight-management and performance-boosting nutrition of Trifecta’s science-backed food plan.

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the goal

Manage all influencer relationships in one place

Trifecta's goal was to eliminate the need for dedicated bandwidth to manage the Trifecta influencer programs, harness the power of the company’s marketing relationships and easily curate the incredible user-generated content, and scale their influencer program.

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I don’t want to have to pay somebody to constantly be tracking
what’s going on across all the different social media platforms. So GRIN is aggregating all of that data into one place for me. It’s become a massive repository of organically created content.

- Greg Connolly, CEO & Founder at Trifecta

the solution

Management of authentic relationships at scale

GRIN’s software gave the Trifecta team the ability to track the detailed metrics they needed. Now, they can effortlessly segment influencers by content or performance. GRIN created the reports and workflow that allowed Trifecta’s leadership to take a birds-eye-view of the influencer program’s performance.

GRIN gave Trifecta back employee hours previously spent on manual tracking as well as an organized and streamlined content feed. GRIN software deftly sorts influencer content right from the dashboard, eliminating the time-wasting task
of monitoring each individual influencer on each of their
social media platforms.

Trifecta was able to engage in more direct social media interaction as a result of the employee time saved by
GRIN. The company’s full-time Instagram manager is now free to nurture relationships on the platform, giving a human voice to the brand with engagement.

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the results

Massive engagement, massive growth

After adding GRIN to their workflow, Trifecta now has access to a gold mine of user-generated content at their fingertips. The feed is so easy to navigate, team members can instantly find posts on specific content within their niche to repurpose as material for paid ad campaigns, adding more value to influencer content. Trifecta gains massive engagement from their in-house social media efforts because of the strength of their influencer program since using GRIN.

"Look at Trifecta’s Instagram and compare our engagement to every other brand in the industry. It’s eight to 20 times as high. Meaning if I do a post, I get 2000-4000 likes and about 40-100 comments on that post. Competitors will do a post and they’ll get 200-400 likes, ten times fewer likes because their engagement is lower because I have a much stronger brand because I have an influencer program." - Connolly

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