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Success Story

tentree has long understood Instagram’s potential for exposure and building community. An influencer himself- co-founder Kalen Emsley, established himself online through hosting nature photography meetups and creating a community of like-minded photography lovers on Instagram. Founders of tentree knew that influencer marketing would be an effective marketing strategy. 

tentree has always had a strong, passionate online community of ambassadors, but after hiring Lindsay, their marketing manager, the team wanted to formalize their influencer marketing strategy. At first, the brand was investing in traditional sponsored posts using professionally created content. However, the program evolved, eventually targeting nano and micro influencers to produce realistic, relatable user-generated content.




Influencer marketing ROI


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the story

A one-person operation

tentree wanted to scale their influencer marketing program. The goal was to help the tentree mission reach as many people as possible, which included those outside of their established ambassador community of outdoor enthusiasts.

There was also a problem getting enough professionally produced content. With the effects of Covid-19 on their business operation, things like studio photoshoots became impossible. And with the economic uncertainty caused by the global pandemic, the brand wanted to be prudent with spending on content creation. It became important to source cost effective, highly-relatable content that properly reflected the social climate. They used multiple spreadsheets with confusing color-coding to try to keep everything organized.

influencer marketing case study ecommerce apparel brand tentree

the goal

An organized content library and influencer CRM

It was clear that tentree needed a robust influencer marketing software platform to take their influencer marketing program to the next level. Creating a smoother workflow was the only way to scale the program with their one-woman department. tentree needed a tool that could organize influencer outreach, provide email sequencing, manage agreements, organize content and track all of their KPIs. 

lindsey drerer tentree influencer marketing testimonial

GRIN has helped our one-person influencer team scale and grow! After reviewing multiple platforms, GRIN stood out as the top contender. After using the platform for over a year, I have zero regrets over choosing GRIN. I would highly recommend the platform if you're looking to give your influencer program a boost.

- Lindsay Derer, Marketing Specialist at tentree

the solution

An influencer marketing relationship management tool

GRIN’s software checked all of the boxes. Once tentree implemented GRIN, the program began to flourish. GRIN's lookalike tool made it easy to search for the perfect nano and micro influencers. The Instagram plugin was also a welcome feature because it integrates Instagram search results into the GRIN CRM. This integration was a huge time-saver, eliminating the need to manually add potential influencers to a separate spreadsheet.

After implementing GRIN, tentree quickly gained a wealth of valuable user-generated content. With this proven content, it could easily be repurposed in sponsored posts or any number of other marketing efforts. And because the GRIN platform makes getting content rights simple, there were no problems with repurposing the content right away.

Not only did GRIN have vital features that other platforms lacked, but it came highly recommended from a colleague. He told them “Don’t waste your time with any other programs because GRIN was simply the best around.”

influencer marketing case study tentree
influencer marketing case study apparel ecommerce brand tentree

the results

A scaled community of brand loyalists

After GRIN, tentree was able to scale their influencer marketing program from 20 influencers to an impressive 80 influencers. For a one-person department, managing 80 influencers is a tremendous feat.

The GRIN program’s lookalike tool and Instagram plugin allowed them to broaden their influencer search. This efficiency helped Tentree partner with a more diverse group of nano and micro influencers who care about the brand’s cause. When Tentree set out to scale the program, the main goal was to gain quality user generated content. But they were pleasantly surprised when their influencer marketing push yielded a fantastic ROI. GRIN’s program made it easy to share commission links with their community. Most of the users posted with the links several times, resulting in a stellar direct conversion

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