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Unlock the power of the Creator Economy

GRIN is more than influencer marketing software. Discover how our all-in-one Creator Management platform helps ecommerce companies build more valuable brands through creator partnerships.

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How it all works

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Discover & Recruit Creators

GRIN’s best-in-class web extension, creator-focused landing pages, and simple tools to import your roster help you find quality partnerships faster.

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Nurture Relationships

Email content creators, ship product, provide affiliate codes and content, all from inside the app. Get notified when posts go live.

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Report, Analyze, Refine

Analyze individual and campaign levels metrics. Track and attribute sales, revenue, costs, and ROI. Create reporting.

Momentum Leader

GRIN is quickly dominating the influencer marketing space.

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Best Usability

GRIN was named the most intuitive, easiest to use software for influencer marketers.

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GRIN was named the top platform in the influencer marketing software space.

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Best Relationship

Customers are most likely to recommend GRIN for the ease of business and high-quality support.

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Best Result

Customers voted GRIN as having the best results for their business.

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Everything you need to develop authentic creator relationships, all in one place

As the leading Creator Management platform, GRIN helps marketers through every stage of the influencer marketing journey, from creator discovery and recruitment to campaign tracking and payment.

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GRIN + Uber Case Study

How did one person build Uber's robust TikTok community from scratch?

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