Influencer Marketing for Ecommerce Health & Fitness Brands

It’s easier than ever to grow an ecommerce health and fitness brand, thanks to the rise of influencer marketing. Find out what the leaders in the space are doing right—and how GRIN can help your brand do the same.

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Health & fitness brands on GRIN: By the numbers

A quick look at our customer data shows rising social metrics and sales for health and fitness brands, even in the current global crisis.
Check out the stellar numbers our health and fitness brands are seeing on average each week.


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Proven influencer marketing strategies That Work

Here at GRIN, we’ve worked with some of the top DTC apparel and accessories brands and have seen tons of creative, successful influencer campaigns along the way. Here are a few of their strategies proven to be effective—even in a crisis.

Run live sessions.

Think meal prep classes, workout sessions, dance parties—these are the live experiences consumers are craving right now. Partner with creators to engage and schedule live video sessions that educate, entertain, engage, or all of the above.
GRIN tool: creator & influencer recruitment
Use GRIN to partner with authentic creators, access outreach templates, and manage creator relationships.

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Create a challenge.

Engage audiences with a content-driven challenge, hosted by their favorite creator. Have your creators ask their followers to post progressive content on social media with a campaign hashtag. Set a timeline and offer prizes to incentivize participation.
GRIN tool: campaign management
Activate unlimited campaigns that match your influencer marketing goals. Manage affiliate links, content creation and reporting all without leaving GRIN.

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Offer helpful hints & hacks.

There’s always an appetite for resources, ideas, and information related to health and fitness. Create campaigns with your creators to offer things like how-to guides, top tips, infographics, calculators, and more to boost followers’ health.
GRIN tool: content creation & management
Discover and reach out to and partner with the right creators and get the best content to repurpose for your ads, website and social posts.

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Give stuff away.

It’s the oldest trick in the marketing playbook, but it works exceptionally well in influencer marketing. Engage with your customers and create experiential opportunities by offering giveaways and promotions that your partner creators distribute to their followers.
GRIN tool: reporting & attribution
Track true ROI and the success of all your influencer campaigns with GRIN’s reporting and attribution features.

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Make promos mutual.

Give a little, get a little. Partner with creators and other brands that marry well with your product. Create cross promotions with more value by combining forces with relevant products and services.
GRIN tool: creator relationship management
Seamlessly communicate with creators and your team through GRIN’s powerful inbox. Take action quickly and create campaign briefs, send emails, and position your brand message.

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