E-commerce Day: Los Angeles

In-Person Event

August 12, 2022


It can be challenging to decide where to focus when it comes to growing your business. With that in mind, GRIN came to Ecommerce Day in Los Angeles on August 15 with tips, case studies, and actionable insights to help brands understand the value of influencer marketing in today’s ecommerce landscape and execute winning strategies.

E-commerce Day: Los Angeles 1

Leverage content creators as your brand storytellers

The day-long event featured speaking sessions from leaders of today’s most innovative brands, including GRIN Director of Community Katya Allison.

Katya came prepared with everything businesses need to know to find the perfect content creators to represent their brands. She discussed:

  • How to implement a strategic approach to influencer marketing
  • The value of leveraging creators as brand storytellers
  • The key workflow for a successful creator program
  • Tips for finding the perfect creators

Traditional forms of marketing no longer get the job done

As consumers, we used to tune into companies as our trusted source of product information. Now, we tune into people. Partnering with the right content creators helps brands stay relevant, connect with consumers, and drive more revenue than they ever thought possible. GRIN’s leading Creator Management platform helps ecommerce and DTC companies reach their goals by finding the perfect creators to share their brand stories and create content that resonates best with their target audiences.

E-commerce Day: Los Angeles 2

All-in-one creator management platform helping ecommerce companies build more valuable brands through the power of creator partnerships.

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