Attracting and Engaging Gen Z Shoppers

Virtual Event

May 9, 2022


It’s never been more essential for DTC brands to reimagine how they communicate with Gen Z audiences. After all, today, Gen Z represents a significant number of shoppers with collective annual spending power in the billions.

And these shoppers are fast becoming the most powerful consumer population in the world. So attracting and engaging Gen Z is a must for long-term success. That involves staying ahead of the curve in this age of shifting consumer behavior.

Attracting and Engaging Gen Z Shoppers 1

What you’ll get from the event:

  • Learn how top brands are attracting and engaging with Gen Z shoppers to increase sales
  • Discover ground-breaking research that establishes the trend drivers among Gen Z audiences and why connecting with this group is the way forward
  • Learn how the Gen Z buyer’s journey differs and what’s required to engage this group effectively between multiple sites, apps, and social networks
  • Uncover critical tools for enhancing customer experience, fostering repeat business, and improving loyalty
Attracting and Engaging Gen Z Shoppers 2

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