True Citrus:

An Influencer Marketing Case Study

How a multi-channel recruitment strategy helped build a massive roster of high-performing content creators 

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Success Story

True Citrus creates simple, clean, and delicious mixes from crystallized citrus, making it fun and easy for its customers to work more water into their daily routine. The company’s flagship product, True Lemon, has over 65,000 five-star reviews on Amazon and has won Best Overall Water Enhancer by the healthcare professionals at for three years running.


New creator partnerships


Increase in creator response rate


pieces of creator content delivered

the challenge

Finding the tools to go from 0-300 content creators

Danny had to build True Citrus’ influencer program from the ground up. Since he was starting from scratch, Danny had to find a solution to streamline the process of uncovering net-new creators to represent the brand. He also needed a way to perform outreach at scale and send products to all the new partners.

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the goal

Building a large influencer roster quickly 

True Citrus has an influencer marketing team of two led by Assistant Brand Manager Danny Marken. Shortly after Danny inherited the influencer program, his boss came to him with the lofty goal of scaling to at least 300 creators in a single quarter. That meant Danny needed to build a large roster in a hurry and get creators posting content as soon as possible.

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“I go directly to Curated Lists every single two weeks. It is my absolute favorite feature. I did not realize that I needed it until it was already a thing.”

— Danny Marken, Assistant Brand Manager at True Citrus

the solution

The industry’s most comprehensive solution for creator discovery

Fortunately, Danny had the solution he needed in GRIN’s Creator Management platform. Specifically, True Citrus had access to GRIN’s Creator Discovery Suite—a combination of five on-demand and always-on recruitment tools to source creators in a fraction of the time of a traditional process.

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the results

A thriving community of brand-aligned content creators

GRIN’s Creator Discovery Suite helped Danny quickly scale True Citrus’ influencer program with creators who love the brand’s products and align with its mission. With countless hours saved using GRIN, Danny had plenty of time to nurture lasting relationships with high-performing creators and focus more energy on achieving big-picture goals. 

Since working with GRIN, True Citrus has generated:

  • 300+ new creator partnerships
  • 25% increase in creator response rates from his previous recruitment strategy
  • 1,200+ pieces of creator content delivered

Make the most of your influencer marketing program with the all-in-one creator management platform designed to help you build more authentic, brand-boosting relationships.

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