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About Cuts Clothing

Cuts Clothing is committed to creating the perfect men’s T-shirt. Using its own custom fabric, expertly tailored fits, and seasonal color palettes, Cuts has established itself as “the only shirt worth wearing.”

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About Cuts Clothing

Premium Men’s Clothing

Cuts is a premium men’s clothing brand specializing in T-shirts, sweatshirts, bottoms, and hats. The company’s goal is to provide clothing that is professional enough for work and stylish enough for a night out without sacrificing comfort.

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Who is Cuts Clothing?

In 2016, Cuts was created by Steven Borrelli when he found himself struggling to find the perfect t-shirt that had enough quality to be worn professionally at work yet also enough style for a night out.
No matter where we looked nothing fit the bill, so he took matters into his own hands by creating something new, a product you could be proud to wear anytime, anywhere, without sacrificing comfort.

Objectives & Goals

Creators join the Cuts marketing team

The campaign assigned its ambassadors 1-2 TikTok videos per month each with a specific theme centered around a new product, collection, holiday, etc. Meanwhile, the partnership set out to build a group of creators to produce quality, brand-specific content.

The campaign goal was to grow each ambassador’s social presence and increase Cuts’ brand awareness on TikTok. Success for the partnership meant establishing a sustainable “content farm” of high-performing micro influencers to collectively produce 20-30 pieces of content with a 10%+ engagement rate and <$120 CPA.

@jeremyaustiin @cuts is my go to even on my travels! ✈️ Use my discount code 👉🏼 JEREMYAUSTIIN for 15% OFF! (Link in bio) 💙 #cutsclothing #cutsteam #madethecut ♬ Trampoline – Jauz Remix – SHAED


Research included niches with large male audiences, older audiences, and high-income audiences; influencer engagement rate; previous influencer partnership performance; other brands’ high-performing TikTok ad content; and influencers open to content in exchange for products.

GRIN Tools and Technologies Uses

  • Email templates to include all relevant information and make the right impression on prospects during outreach.
  • Influencer analysis to check creator engagement rates and metrics to help find brand-appropriate partnerships.
  • Relationship management to field applicants, court prospects, and serve as a single communications hub.
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Nano and micro influencers operated on a one-month trial basis. Their extension was dependent on campaign participation and execution of deliverables. Ambassadors produced 1-2 TikTok videos per month, each with Cuts-branded tags.

Partnerships/Paid Media

Partnerships used macro and celebrity influencers, while paid media used nano and micro influencers. Partnerships started as three-month paid deals (2-3 monthly videos with creative freedom) with most earning a contract extension. Paid media was a monthly recurring campaign that required 1-2 monthly videos following a specific campaign brief. 

The Cuts team found it simple to track video performance across various campaigns. Paid media influencers could also easily select which products they wanted in exchange for monthly content.

GRIN tools used:

  • Affiliate link generation to track revenue produced by each ambassador and attribute ROI to the campaign and its best performers. 
  • Product seeding to easily ship and track products sent to creators in exchange for monthly posts.
  • Campaign briefs to help guide creators on exactly what kind of content needed to be included in their sponsored posts.

The Results

  • Created a team of 15 micro influencers who produce 1-2 monthly videos with little to no lift from the brand’s end. 
  • Created more than 20 three-month trial partnerships with influencers with 150K – 5 million-plus followers. 
  • Content and payment tracking became extremely easy. 
  • Met the following KPIs:
  • <$120 CPA
  • 1-2 monthly videos generated per creator

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