Mari + Gold Influencer Marketing Agency Case Study

How a creative marketing agency leverages niche influencers for lasting results and increased client satisfaction

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Success Story

Mari + Gold is a full-service creative marketing agency specializing in the hospitality, tourism, and lifestyle industries. The agency helps its clients build their brands with tailored strategies involving everything from influencer marketing and organic social media management to public relations, website development, and more.

the story

Long-term relationships = long-term success.

Mari + Gold mostly partners with event-focused micro influencers who are most active on Instagram. Ideally, the partnerships last at least one year, so the creators have enough time to build brand affinity and generate the best possible results.

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the goal

Free up valuable work hours.

A manual approach to influencer marketing isn’t feasible if Mari + Gold expects to dedicate ample time to each of its clients. The agency must also stay on top of even the most difficult-to-track performance metrics to provide each brand partner with a comprehensive overview of campaign success. 

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“GRIN allows us to vet, conduct outreach, analyze, pull hard data—and so much more! The platform allows us to critically assess influencer partners based on performance, which allows us to optimize and scale our influencer programs.”

Kelsey Buller, Director of Public Relations

the solution

An end-to-end Creator Management platform

GRIN’s leading Creator Management platform has all the tools required to organize and execute multiple winning campaigns simultaneously. From streamlined email communications to comprehensive data analytics and more, Mari + Gold helps each client reach their most ambitious influencer marketing goals.

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the results

A significant boost in production.

Mari + Gold’s team has all the capacity it needs to treat every client like its only client. The agency uses GRIN’s leading suite of tools to build affinity for all its brands and nurture the long-term creator partnerships proven to work best. 

From 2021-2022, GRIN helped Mari + Gold generate roughly:

  • 4.5x increase in engagements
  • 480+ new creator partnerships (27% long-term)
  • 2,000% increase in link clicks
  • An average of 88% of campaign emails opened + clicked

Make the most of your influencer marketing program with the all-in-one creator management platform designed to help you build more authentic, brand-boosting relationships.

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