Inkbox Influencer Marketing Case Study

How a temporary tattoo company builds brand love through influencer gifting campaigns

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Success Story

Inkbox is a semi-permanent tattoo and accessories company based in Toronto, Canada. The brand leverages fashion-forward nano and micro influencers to run monthly evergreen activations, holiday campaigns, and promotions for new product launches targeted at a Gen Z and young adult audience.

the challenge

So many gifts, so little time

Because Inkbox sent products to so many different creators, the brand needed an efficient way to track which ones posted about them organically. The brand also needed a way to perform outreach at scale, easily generate affiliate links, organize content, and secure necessary content rights.

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the goal

Building a community of brand advocates

In October 2022, Inkbox launched a gifting campaign to drive awareness and build positive sentiment for the brand’s new extended Freehand Tattoo Marker collection. By prioritizing about 200 creators who were already Inkbox fans, the team hoped to build a community of brand advocates who could provide honest product endorsements in their own unique way.

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“Before GRIN, we only had a certain amount of bandwidth to do all these very tedious tasks. Now we are able to reach out to more creators and have time to scale our program. So we love GRIN here. It’s such a great tool.”

— Britney Dorafshani, Community and Engagement Manager at Inkbox

the solution

The perfect platform for product seeding and beyond

GRIN’s leading Creator Management platform has all the tools Inkbox needed to run an airtight promotion for the launch of its new suite of Freehand Tattoo Markers. From initial creator outreach to reporting campaign success and everything in between, Inkbox counts on GRIN to execute successful campaigns from start to finish.

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the results

Creators delivering content from a place of brand love

With GRIN’s help, Inkbox has built a community of high-performing creators who love the brand—many of whom have transitioned into long-term partnerships as brand ambassadors. And with a growing content library generated from its recent gifting campaign, the rest of the Inkbox team has plenty of amazing content it can repurpose across the entire marketing mix. 

In less than two months, Inbox’s campaign generated:

  • 70+ creators in the Freehand Tattoo Marker activation. 
  • 800k+ reach from creator content. 
  • 40% unprompted creator posting rate. 
  • 2x content received from typical evergreen campaigns.

Make the most of your influencer marketing program with the all-in-one creator management platform designed to help you build more authentic, brand-boosting relationships.

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