Snibbs + Mutesix Influencer Marketing Case Study

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Success Story

Our initial plan was to focus on chefs, barbers, and teachers, but we quickly pivoted to frontline healthcare professionals. We simultaneously created a give-back campaign to thank doctors and nurses by providing people an opportunity to nominate colleagues, friends, and family members to receive a free pair of Snibbs. The campaign, paired with creator posts and stories, led to a successful brand launch.



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the story

Who Is Snibbs?

Snibbs are a universal work shoe, designed for use by anyone who is on their feet for long periods, whether they’re standing in place or in motion. Engineered by industry veterans with the utmost comfort and design in mind, Snibbs also help bridge the gap between function and aesthetic, a common dilemma in the work-shoe category.

Snibbs are the product of 3+ years of research and development. Utilizing the highest quality materials and orthopedic features, Snibbs provide a comfortable and robust footwear solution that can be used across thousands of industries. This type of quality development also significantly reduces the frequency and severity of shoe wear and tear, so you don’t have to buy a new pair of shoes every few months. The water-resistant upper features an easy to clean material, making any big mess a very small problem while the slip-resistant outsole helps you stay on your feet in any slippery situation.

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Who is Mutesix?

MuteSix, an iProspect company, is an award-winning, full funnel digital and creative agency providing intelligent ad solutions that grow disruptor brands into enterprise market leaders. They help their clients design for the future while evolving their existing businesses with our agency’s winning combination of expert media buying, creativity, and talent.

Along with our key industry partnerships, they help deliver scalable marketing solutions for clients across a broad spectrum of industries, including retail, ecommerce, luxury, nonprofit, technology, sports, publishing, and financial services.

the goal

Challenges presented by introducing a new product

The goal was to create a strategic creator outreach plan that would raise awareness for Snibbs surrounding their March 2020 launch. In the meantime, MuteSix had to overcome the challenges presented by introducing a new product in the midst of a global pandemic.

Sarah Grosz Testimonial Headshot

The best tool to manage 1-1000+ influencers. The biggest problem GRIN solves for us is reporting ROI. Being able to connect to Shopify is huge both being able to create personalized discount codes and links at scale and then being able to report based on campaign and influencer.

- Sarah Grosz, Breaking things | MuteSix

the solution

The creator search

Using the GRIN lookalike feature to build lists of creators was incredibly helpful with recruiting the right creators for Snibbs. Not only were they able to find creators that they normally wouldn't come by through a manual search, but it also saved them hundreds of hours combing through social media profiles.

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the results

Rapid growth and positive ROI

MuteSix achieved incredible results for Snibbs using GRIN’s Creator Management solution: 

  • 4.11 million impressions via creator content
  • $212,000 in creator-generated revenue
  • 580% growth on Instagram

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